Social anxiety can be part of anybody’s life. But, when it becomes so disruptive and distressing then there is a need for treatment or serious medical attention. Read further to learn more about social anxiety.

Social anxiety is actually the fear of being judged or humiliated by the public. In dealing with social anxiety we should eliminate the thought that the anxiety is not about being in public or exposed to society, but rather the fear of what people may think or say.

Symptoms of anxiety are physical, physiological or emotional. Emotional distress is usually significant when the person is asked to speak in public, being interviewed or introduced to other people, or being in front of persons of authority. They do not want to be criticized or laughed at so they develop some kind of avoidance behavior. People with social anxiety would rather stay in the confines of their homes and left by themselves. Physiological factors include shaking or trembling, raging heartbeat, blushing, and an inability to speak clearly or keep a train of thought.

Social anxiety makes a woman afraid of being in queue in a cashier’s line inside a grocery store. This gives her the feeling of being stared at by many people, specifically strangers. It also makes a man hesitant to go to work the next day thinking that there’s a scheduled meeting. The thought of talking to his bosses or to any person in authority makes him feel so anxious. This similar feeling is what a student in a university is trying to overcome as she refused to attend classes the next day. This is because she knew that her professor will ask each one of them to recite in front of the class. These are few of the example scenarios that tell us how social anxiety greatly affects a person’s life.

Some people with social anxiety think that they’re the only ones in the whole world suffering from such condition. This thought sprung from the fact that we don’t see many people talking about social anxiety on television. They find it so awful to realize that even just talking about social anxiety in public is almost taboo. Therefore, they prefer to keep it with them. These misconceptions only make social anxiety suffering even more agonizing.

But, don’t lose hope. A better life awaits social anxiety sufferers. They just have to learn how to deal with it. Different people have different ways in dealing with social anxiety. Some may overcome anxiety by self-help techniques while others would require drug therapy or psychological therapy depending on the symptoms. Although it is common for people to have anxiety, when the condition becomes disruptive and distressing then there is a need for serious medical attention.

Among the therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy has a higher success rate. It teaches the person to identify what clearly is the cause of social anxiety and to control and manage the causes of his social anxiety. Alternative and complementary treatments are also advisable which are cost-effective and natural.

But no matter what treatment or therapy that the person receives, the most critical decision in dealing with social anxiety is to consult with the physician as he can best diagnose the reason for the anxiety and prescribe the specific method to use. Help yourself and get involved in self-help groups but never self-medicate as this may do more harm than cure.

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