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So many people get stuck because they feel like their mistakes define who they are as a person. When they fail, they get stuck in a story of "I'm not good enough" or "Other people can do it, but not me."

What story do you get stuck behind that keeps you from reaching your peak?

I'm no different. I used to get stuck behind my stories of not being good enough, not having what it takes, not being old enough or young enough. Because I, much like you, am a human being and human beings make mistakes. If you know you are going to screw up, then embrace it!

From now on, I want you to laugh at your mistakes as part of your creators greatest joke. You were made as a perfectly imperfect creature who has to fail in order to succeed. If you are not making mistakes, and if you are not messing up and failing, it's because you aren't doing something worth failing at in the first place!

I guarantee, you won't mess up or fail at watching television! I guarantee, you won't fail or make any mistakes bringing the spoon of ice cream from the bowl to your mouth. However, I won't guarantee that when you are working toward a goal, you won't mess up. I won't guarantee that if you want to lose weight that you won't fall off track.

You might mess up, but don't give up....

Here are the three things you need to do in order to mess up, get up and get back on track quickly!

1. Accept it! You messed up! It's going to happen! Stop attending the pitty party where you are the host and the only guest. Those parties are lonely places!

2. Acknowledge it! You were not living in the way you are committed to living. It doesn't mean that you aren't the person you are committed to being!

3. Communicate it! You need to communicate to the people effected. If you messed up and it effected others, talk to them about it. Acknowledge that you were not living how you want to live and then re-commit to being who you want to be.

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