Are you afraid of failure? Did you give up on your goals because of your fear?

Fear of failure is common among people. Everyone wants to achieve success, but the ones who do become successful are the brave ones who are willing to challenge fear. These kinds of people are the ones who took action and did whatever they can to achieve their goals. However, people who’s fear defeated them, kept thinking and dreaming about their goals without challenging fear of failure.

Overcoming fear of failure

To learn how to overcome fear of failure, follow the steps below:

1. Recognize your fear of failure

Look and examine your life. Ask yourself when did you stop going after your goals because of your fear of failure? Be honest with yourself. If you stopped doing something or if you stopped yourself from going after your goals because you are afraid to fail, then know you have fear, which you need to overcome.

2. Decide to win

Everything in life starts with making a solid decision. Decide now that you will not allow fear to stop you from achieve your goals and success. Many people become afraid of failure because they have failed in the past and made mistakes. They think they are responsible for everything that went wrong and usually make things worse than they really are.

3. Take action against the fear

Strong fear prevents you from taking any action and from taking the first step. This strong fear makes you believe that your attempts to reaching your goals are going to go in vain. Remember if you fail, that is fine. The important thing is to keep trying. When you learned to walk as a child, you fell many times, but you stood up and tried again until you were able to walk. Do the same with your goals.

4. Find alternatives

There are several factors that contribute to your success or your failure when you do something. Pay attention to what steps you take. If you take some steps and don’t get the desired results, then change what you are doing, so you can get different results. The important thing to remember not to link your mistakes with who you are.

5. Move forward

When you have a goal that you want to achieve, you are going to come across some people who will tell you not to bother with your goals, or you will not succeed, or you are a dreamer. Ignore such people and focus on what you want to accomplish.

6. Overcome negative thinking

Instead of filling your head with negative thoughts that will cause you doubt and fear, fill your head with optimism and examine your negative beliefs. Other people as successful, so why not you? If other people could become successful, then you can.

7. Learn from your past experiences

The lessons you learn from your experiences are very beneficial for your growth. Study the reasons that caused you to fail and to not get the desired results and learn from them.

Remember what Arthur Ashe said, “Every time you win, it diminishes the fear a little bit. You never really cancel the fear of losing; you keep challenging it.”

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