ERP, one among the widely used integrated software package is an ideal partner for your business life. It promotes the performance of business resources and helps in achieving gain with minimum utilization of resources. Today, ERP is an important tool used by business owners in all types of business strategies including small and medium sized companies. There are lots of methods available for implementing an ERP software package in an organization. Implementation process of an ERP system will depend upon the needs and functions of company. Before implementing an ERP software package for an organization, it is recommended to do a well research for ensuring safety and good performance.

Modular implementation method, phase based implementation method, unit wise implementation method, big bang method and process oriented implementation method are some among the common methods used for implementing ERP software system. Occurrence of errors or failure of operation is one among the commonly reported problems by organizations. Lack of proper planning or coordination will arise many troubles during implementation process. Now, let's search how to overcome ERP implementation troubles?

Proper designing of project infrastructure is a main solution for overcoming ERP implementation troubles. It helps in minimizing errors and reducing failure of operation. This is a best solution for achieving gain with proper resource management. Before designing the project infrastructure, it is advised to do a good research on software package for reducing error. Planning unrealistic project is one of the commonly seen troubles in ERP implementing system. While designing a project, it is recommended to do planning in realistic approach so that employees can perform project in practical. Choosing the right ERP package according to company needs is very important in avoiding implementation troubles. Factors like quality of services, maintenance and support offered by vendor play major roles in overcoming ERP implementation troubles. Also, make sure that the managing team for analyzing project report is equipped with expert professionals for solving error.

Professional efficiency of team members, size of package and functional tools provided in software package are some among the key factors playing leading roles in project resource management. Good managing team equipped with professionals helps in making faster decision with zero error. Good training facility for employees is a main requirement for overcoming ERP implementation troubles. In order to come in use with the new system package and its functions, proper training is a very essential factor. Provision of adequate resources is a main over coming solution for ERP implementation troubles.

While planning to implement a new system software package, it is advised to choose one with user friendly operation for controlling error. Estimation of hidden costs before implementing ERP software is a good solution to minimize ERP implementation troubles. Costs for integration, testing, data analysis, conversion, training and customization are some among the hidden costs coming under ERP implementation. Proper communication between vendor and company is a main factor affecting the performance of a company. In order to prevent troubles in ERP implementation, it is recommended to have a good vendor support.

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