Giving your children the fun they deserve doesn't have to cost a fortune. Perhaps, you have experienced one of the foam parties held within your local area. And now, you are thinking that your children could find great fun in the colorful foam that adorns this type of special day party.

Assuming this is your first time, it might be a little bit challenging to know where to start and have the whole thing organized properly. Don't search further. This post will give you a guide for that.

Below here are the most important steps to hosting kids foam parties. With the resource at your disposal, you might be able to make it happen in no time.

Choose venue

First, you have to consider the time and season before choosing. Understanding the season will make it easier to decide whether you'll be hosting an indoor or outdoor foam party. When you compare the hot and wet seasons of the year, children's foam parties cannot be held in the same type of venue.

During the summer season, it is best to host your event in an outdoor space. Perhaps, your patio or driveway should be enough to host the event.

But then, you need to consider the number of expected guests.
Spreading a clean plastic sheet on a spacious lawn is another option. If you use this option, it will preserve your grass and the bubbles that will be spread during the party. Moreover, using a plastic sheet also makes it easier to clean the environment when you are done with the event.

A tile floor is known to be the best for hosting indoor foam parties. However, you'll need plastic sheets to cover the floor and other valuables to safeguard other properties.

Assuming you want to rent an indoor space for this, be sure to inform the venue owners of the type of party you want to host.

Provide The Required Equipment

Foam Party Machine - Foam party machine rental services can be found within Los Angeles and every other city within the United States. While it is possible to make a custom machine for this event, renting one might be the best option to save you time.

Besides, a professional children's party planner will have more experience when it comes to dealing with the machine and other things.

Plastic Sheet – Wherever you decide to host the event, you'll need a sizable plastic sheet. This material will help you protect the floor and other valuable properties within the venue. To get the best suitable sheet, consider the size of the venue, and the number of expected guests.

Bouncy Castle – Since the party is meant for kids, having a bouncy castle filled with colorful foam bubbles will add more fun to the experience.

Another thing is that it will help protect the kids when they are immersed in mindless play. Here is one of the things you'll get from hiring a foam party planner within your area.
Electric Source – Whether you are renting or making one, the foam party machine needs electric power to work.

For this requirement, consider the distance of the electric source and the space provided for your kid's foam party. You can go check out the distance or make a provision for a suitable cord that will work for this.

DJ And Speaker – Who will be the DJ for the event, and how will you make provision for a speaker? The children coming to your party will need good music to go along with the engagement. Even as a parent, having standby music will also make the experience enjoyable for you. Regardless of the music preference, you'll need a speaker and standby DJ. However, anyone can do the DJ.

Food, Drink, Cups And Plates – These things have to go together in an organized manner. After all, your party guests need some food to have to participate in the event. Will you be using the cups and plates you have at home or hire these things ahead of time? That's something you have to decide to make sure that nothing is left behind.

Foam Party Tips And Instructions

Here is another thing you shouldn't ignore when planning your children's foam party. Ahead of the date for your event, endeavor to write down the instructions needed to keep the guests safe before, during, and after the party. Below are the specific factors you should take into account.

Dress code for the party guests – what types of clothes are allowed? Assuming you have any preferred color theme of the day, try to communicate it ahead of time.
Provide information for your menu for the day. That's important for people who may have dietary restrictions regarding their health conditions.
Remind everyone to keep their electronic devices at a distance. Doing this will help you prevent some unexpected damages that may happen during or after the party.

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