The changes introduced by Facebook over 2012 are numerous. The speed of social network is dizzying changes. A need to know the word is often used to optimize SEO related, but this term actually refers to the search for the best way to do something and that is why in this article we will talk about three aspects to optimize a Facebook page design, content and SEO.

Optimizing SEO for Facebook
We assume that we follow all the basic tips for a good SEO strategy. Right choice of keywords, define a strategy etc… Once we have a clear goal, we are taking actions are:
1. Title.
The title of our website is the second most important after H1 of Facebook.
2. Selecting the URL
Facebook allows you to customize the URL of your Facebook page. It is advisable to choose a brand name but if not available, you can create a URL that includes it.
3. "Information" section.
It is important to take this description seriously. Here you should include a short description of the brand or company, entering the keywords you have chosen. You can also include multiple URLs, something that is interesting to include the company website or other social networking profiles.

4. Pictures and videos.
To publish, descriptions and titles always with keywords. We usually post pictures and videos without adding any information but any comment we post will help position and appears in the search for Facebook. You can edit both the title and the description so you can choose what text to put on and use keywords.

5. Analyzes.
Use the tools of statistics to know what content Facebook work better; they come from your likes, the virality of your content, etc… Use code uses UTM codes in URLs that point to your website to be able to track exactly where they come from and under what campaign or publication.

Optimizing Design for Facebook

1. Header image.
It is the first thing your visitors see. Make it attractive and relevant. You can use it to provide information such as promotions and discounts. It is important to change it regularly. If you use a header image that needs the profile picture, make sure they fit perfectly.

2. Applications.
Organize them to be attractive can be the perfect place to promote a contest or blog subscription flush. Use striking images that are well understood (as an icon). Thinks that even if you have a four high number of applications only look at first glance of them so you should choose them well.

3. Highlighted Publications.
In the upper right corner of each publication is a star, to get a larger publication. Use this trick to publications that you wish to feature.

Optimizing Content for Facebook

1. Selecting the time of publication.
Surely you've noticed that some of your publications are more successful than others. This may be due not only to the content itself but also at the time of publication. Depending on the audience to which you go the connection time may vary so we recommend testing at different times and with the same style publications to see which of them are better distributed.

2. Interaction
Find user interaction. In this sense, the photos and videos usually work best but you can also find post to the form of questions, get opinions and appeal directly to the users to participate.
Respond to comments that need answering this will create dialogue and you can use these conversations to include interesting keywords for your SEO.

3. Quality
No need to make 10 or 15 posts a day what is necessary is that they are quality made. Think of your user group and updated with the type of content they might be interested. Do not make the mistake of publishing issues only your brand but also to the sector. Find information that may be relevant to your users.

Author's Bio: 

Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is in specialized iPhone application development.