You thought infidelity in marriage only happened to other couples. Undoubtedly during the course of your life you have known people that have experienced it firsthand.

You may have done what you could to sympathize with the person be they a friend or relative. In the end however there was only so much you could do.

Then it happened to you. Your spouse whom you always trusted and believed in was caught cheating. It shook you to the core and placed the marital relationship in extreme jeopardy. Now you are not even sure that you have the stomach to continue being with this person.

Considering that your spouse wants your forgiveness and has vowed to do everything within their power to rebuild the relationship the final decision of remaining together belongs to you. What you can do right now is do whatever is necessary to begin your healing and survive an affair.

1. Flipping Your Feelings

Infidelity in marriage can put you in a foul mood and keep you there. It is hard to interact with your spouse and just about everyone else. That is understandable. But to survive an affair means you have to not only confront those feelings but change them into something positive.

You cannot wait for your spouse to change before you choose to do anything. Their pace might not be to your liking. As a result you get infuriated and sink deeper into the negative. Therefore take action right now to flip the switch on those feelings.

2. Get Happy

No chance of that after what they did right? Wrong. This is the bridge which can help considerably when it comes to turning those negative feelings into positive. In fact learning to be genuinely happy is one of the foundations when it comes to how to survive an affair.

It says that your inner core is strong and that nothing can steal your joy. You are your best friend and no matter what happens you will always be there for you.

That's the kind of outlook that can have a devastating effect on your two timing spouse. It shames them even more and forces them to realize that there is nothing they can do that is going to keep you down.

You just keep getting better and better. Sooner or later that attitude gets them to try even harder to repair the relationship because they see you cannot and will not be defeated.

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