Exterior wall lights need to generally be specifically well-sealed against a wall to prevent moisture from receiving within. This really is particularly critical if wall floor is stone veneer with a rough floor that will lead to gaps amongst the base of the light and also the wall. The solution would be to caulk across the base to seal out moisture.

· Turn off the electrical energy to your existing wall light that you are changing.

· Clear away the screws holding the fixture in place. Disconnect the wires behind it and pull the fixture totally free. It will expose an electrical box and three wires: black, white and bare copper, which is really a ground wire.

· Locate the mounting bracket for the new light, which will likely be a flat metallic plate with holes in it. Hold it up to the electrical box and line up the screw holes. Protected the plate aided by the screws offered.

· Connect the copper ground wire on the green ground screw on the bracket. Tighten the screw.

· Use the screw-on wire caps to connect the black wire from the box for the black wire through the fixture. Repeat for your white wires.

· Attach the fixture to your electrical box, pushing the wire connections to the box. Secure the fixture to the box using the screws presented.

· Caulk across the foundation from the light exactly where it meets the stone veneer to seal off any spaces there. Look meticulously to produce positive no gaps remain. Add caulk if required. Turn on the electrical power.

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