Humans have a natural tendency to change voice in order to get a message across. You will be surprised to know sometimes humans unintentionally have a habit of toying with their vocal behaviour which seems to have a huge impact on what others will think of them. 

Most interestingly humans can modulate their voices to great extents in order to convey messages or to exaggerate their traits to flaunt inherent traits like physical strength. Voice presentation plays a big role in our lives as modulation in voice can portray desirable behaviours or judgements. Also change in voice takes place during critical stages of life including puberty. 

More about voice modulation 

Humans interact with mates, colleagues, family and others through voice. It is considered an important tool for speaking and helps an individual have an authority over others’ and their actions. Sometimes as we speak, voice modulation naturally occurs as we try to convey a message. Such variation can occur due to alteration in pitching, tone and change in speech rate. 

Also, in order to make a speech impactful people seek voice modulation which can turn even a mundane speech or way of speaking into an influencing one. 

A captivating speech will influence the audience to a level where they will remain engaged to watching and listening to the speaker. Good orators are thus, appreciated as they deliver a speech on stage because of their capability to influence minds of listeners who wait to hear desirable words spoken by the speaker. 

However, over and again it’s been found that during Public Speaking in Perth people focus more on modulation in order to bring upon a desired impact on the audience. Some even pursue Public Speaking Training in Perth and practice modulation as per individual set-ups. Shifting in pitch or change of voice tone are some common practices adopted by orators. Some of the ways through which voice modulation can be achieved are as follows: 

Varying the voice pitch

Women are known for having a higher pitch as a result of an anatomical structure which differs from men. However, when it comes to delivering a speech women usually speak at a lower pitch. Do not judge a voice spoken over a microphone as they can be really deceiving. Microphones are enabled with features to amplify the voice or rectifying articulatory errors or higher pitching. Hence in order to have an impactful result make sure you practice with your microphone on. 

Speaking at a slow rate 

Another important way of modulating your voice is by speaking slowly. When your speech rate is slow you automatically gain control over your voice and that’s where you can understand the power behind pausing. Pausing helps you take breath at regular intervals and makes it easier for you to have authority of your voice modulation. Sometimes pauses add to a climax as the speaker tries to grab control over the environment while the audience leans forward in an attempt to hear a forthcoming message. 

Stress on particular words is also considered impactful if you want to gain attention of the audience. Choose simple and yet strong words which will help your message get through. These are ways how you can have an impact on your voice modulation. 

Author's Bio: 

The author conducts Public Speaking Training in Perth and hence has been shedding light on voice modulation.