Memory is the wonderful phenomenon that makes you become a magician for a while, creating stuff out of thin are. That’s what magicians do – they make things appear out of nowhere and make things disappear into space, when no object could actually dissolve. Or, so do they create an image of things appearing and disappearing, when they actually work scientifically to ensure that people see what they want them to see. Memory is something similar, where you could get things memorized in ways that would make it seem all so spontaneous, where people might feel you have them coming out of nowhere, when you would have something scientific and methodical behind what you do. If you have been wondering how to memorize, you have just been wondering how to create stuff that are magical.

How to Memorize: And it need not be as much of an abracadabra as magic is, if you knew how to memorize in the first place. Most people shrink away from the idea of having to memorize things, perhaps as a reflection of their detestation for examinations that they developed during school days. But there is no connection between examinations and knowing how to memorize. It all comes with being systematic, being methodical, and approaching your problem with a ‘can do’ mentality. If you have observed people making great speeches without a pause or a stammer, with all examples, anecdotes, jokes and demonstrations precisely in place, you might have wondered how they are able to pull off such a picture perfect performance. The answer to the question, ‘how to memorize’, starts with practice.

Practice makes man perfect, and memorizing is no exception. The key to the ‘how to memorize’ puzzle starts with planning and preparation. You need to plan it out and prepare in all earnestness, listing down everything that you would want to produce, including that comma and that full stop that you would want to reproduce. Once you have got them all in paper, start reading them out loud. Keep reading them out over and over again, and with every time, try taking your eye off the notes and recalling what follows without looking at it. As you practise, you would know where you score and where you get stuck. Make notes of the places where you tend to get stuck and try to make pictorial representations of those places. And again, practise. You would find that ‘how to memorize’ is not that tough a question as you initially thought it was!

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