The act of memorizing a speech, for the most part is just the first stage more often than not the speech will need to be recalled and delivered, so not only is it important to be able to memorize the speech, but crucially the ability to recall the speech.

Before we can recall the speech we first have to memorize it, this can be done in several different ways so it is worth trying out the different methods to find the one or more which is right for you.
• Read the text aloud
• Write the text out by hand
• Have someone read the speech to you
• Read through the speech and make notes and a general outline of the speech.

Explore other methods which you feel might work for you; the object of the exercise is to familiarize the brain with the text.

Stressing over having to memorize and then deliver a speech, will not help, the brain works better when it is relaxed. Choose a place free from distractions, ideally outdoors, where you can relax and enjoy the text.

Once having gained a knowledge and understanding of the text, it is time to find a way of recalling the text, which is test of whether you have memorized the speech.

There are various exercises which could be employed for example-
• Trying writing down the first letter of each of the words in the text and see if you are able to recite the text of the speech.
• Recite the text into a recorder, when replaying; make a note of any areas where an error may have occurred, which will help with improving the delivery.
• Try writing out the speech, without looking at the original text.
• Depending on the content of the speech, try visualizing or using mental prompts to keep the text in focus.

A calm relaxing atmosphere is the ideal place to learn and recall the speech. Taking regular breaks away from the ‘learning’ area and ensuring the body and brain has plenty of rest with at least 6 hours of restful sleep each night, will all assist the brain in memorizing and recalling the
contents of thespeech.

Eating the right foods and taking exercise is also important to aid the brain in its ability to remember and recall the text of the speech. Keeping the brain in top working order with the right nutrition and exercise is essential for a sharp and agile memory.

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