For many centuries, we have been chanting, praying, fasting, and a host of many other things to try to discover if there is something beyond this life. In so doing all this, why is it we have not awakened, spiritually?

Throughout the ages, during various cultures and beliefs, we have tried to discover what would change humanity. What is it that will bring about a change of heart, which awakens love and compassion within us?

It is obvious that all man-made methods have failed. Not because anyone says so, but, because it is an obvious fact. All the religions, philosophies, and political leaders have failed to transform the heart and mind of humanity.

So, if nothing has worked to bring about a real change within us, then what are we to do? Is it a hopeless affair that we do not know how to change our lives? Are we doomed to be forever lost and confused?

Many have tried all forms of meditation to try to awaken, but they never discovered spiritual meditation. Through all kinds of yoga and religious tricks, very few realized that such methods are merely a thing of the mind.

In applying such techniques, we remain imprisoned in ignorance. Because, anything that is of the mind cannot free the mind. However, spiritual meditation is beyond the mind as consciousness.

In spiritual meditation, there is nothing for you to do. Now you will understand the secret of meditating without meditation. Simply let the watchfulness from within observe your everyday actions without judging.

Quietly, let the wholeness of perception flow within you. That is the beauty and intelligence of it. All that takes place within is this observation of the mind and all your actions without effort.

The power of this observation, in its fullness, brings freedom. No one can convey this spiritual realization to you. You must look, listen and be attentive to yourself without trying. This is the art of freeing oneself of inattentiveness.

Initially, it may seem a daunting task. Nevertheless, when you see the necessity of understanding oneself and this life, there is the sacred energy that comes, uninvited. This energy is the living fire of attention.

By going into all this, we find that ones futility came about by the lack of awareness. Now we are saying, let us look into it. See the problem as it is and within the observation of the problem, there is the answer. This is the art of freeing oneself of all psychological disease by spiritual observation.

Through spiritual meditation, we face ourselves without judgment. The very act of facing our own lives head-on is where our true power lies. The seeing of ones self means that you are in the process of awakening to the eternal. This spiritual wisdom has the power to transform your life, holistically.

Now you may understand the secret of all enlightened beings. Through spiritual meditation, you discover the key that opens the door to the divine. The doorway within is opened to everyone. This spiritual journey is the fulfillment of compassion, contentment and the glory of inexpressible joy.

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Adonis Alexander is a spiritual teacher who resides in the United States. He gives spiritual counsel to many throughout the world.

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