High or low blood sugar levels indicate a medical problem. The low level of blood sugar level is known as hypoglycemia whereas the high level of blood sugar is called as hyperglycemia. The high blood sugar also called as diabetes can be caused due to several reasons like excessive intake of alcohol, stress, stroke, trauma, and any kind of surgery or long illness.

There are following types of test are available in the market to measure blood sugar level:

Fasting blood sugar: This test measure the level of glucose when the stomach is empty for at least 8 hours.

Urine glucose test: The urine is taken as a sample for this test. This test shows the random figure of sugar level found in the urine sample. In normal human beings, there is very less or no sugar in the urine.

2-hour postprandial blood sugar: This test helps in measuring blood glucose after 2 hours exactly when you have aZ Ag a meal. On this time the blood sugar comes back to the normal in normal healthy people but it is on high in diabetic people. So this test helps is measuring the sugar level and also knowing that whether the diabetic person is having control on the blood sugar level.`

Oral Glucose tolerance test: This test measures the glucose level after giving the glucose and the sample is taken after that to know that how quick the glucose is getting cleared from the blood.

Glycosylated hemoglobin: This test measures the hemoglobin A1c, HbA1c, A1C, or Hb1c; sometimes also HbA1c which is a form of hemoglobin .This test is used for the identification of average plasma glucose concentration for some period.

Self-monitoring of glucose level through patient tests: The blood sugar level is measured by self using glycometers and it helps in getting the levels of glucose at multiple times to help the patient control the glucose levels by themselves. The patient will do diet control, stress control, exercise and have insulin doses on time daily when he is able to calculate his glucose levels daily.

The measuring of glucose level after fasting is the most recommended for the blood sugar patients as the disturbing thing that is food is avoided

The chances of error in the reports vary according to the different laboratories and the method in use. The chances of error are more in colorimetry techniques than electrical techniques as the colorimetry techniques can be affected by the changes in the test strips or other interferences like air, finger, light etc.Other things that influence blood sugar levels are infection, stress, exercise if done for long time.

Diet plays an important role in controlling blood sugar so it is advisable to have small portions of whatever you are eating. Have skimmed milk and low sugar diet. In case you are non-vegetarian take only lean meat. The multigrain flour or refined flour should be used. The herbs cinnamon and salacia are good for controlling blood sugar.

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