Whether you’ve just bought a new 4K TV or stuck with your current one, you may realize that more setup is required to make a perfect home cinema rather than sticking a television on the counter or wall. Thus, having a TV with a razor-sharp 4K and HDR’s eye-popping colors isn’t enough for home cinema setup. To maximize your living space for your 4k TV, your furniture setting, room lighting, and some other practical points that can dramatically change your viewing experience also matter.You can also use this 4K TV with PlayStation 4 for gaming.

Where to put the TV:
The placement of your new or current TV with sofas, furniture, and doorways plays an important role in setting up a home cinema! Because no TV can genuinely compete with direct light from windows or the reflections from bright lamps and light fixtures. The direct light will wash out the image quality, and reflections of that light on shirts, sofas, or skin might be annoying. If you’re wall-mounting the TV, you must consider the TV angle so that the picture will be clear during afternoon viewing sessions. Keep in mind that placing a TV above your seated line-of-sight is a worse idea and can lead to neck pain. Moreover, TV’s placement above the fireplace adds heat and particulates will adversely affect the TV’s life. So, a wall-mounted idea will lower the TV for viewing and also alleviate neck and other problems.

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