As a physician who has treated thousands of patients with acute and chronic pain, I have found that those who successfully live with chronic pain maintain a positive attitude, and focus on setting realistic goals. The importance of maintaining focus in the workplace has been made clear time and time again in my many years of employment.

Years ago, I met a man who we’ll call “Pete”. He apparently lost focus on his job, resulting in a great financial loss at his place of employment. This was a major setback and created discord and distress in his company as other employees feared that Pete had put their jobs in jeopardy.

From that experience, I created the FACE(sm) success system as a tool to enhance productivity and customer service in the workplace.

In my current business, I employ the FACE system by giving each employee a facial cleanser to remind them that we need to routinely remove the dead/old non-productive aspects of our company and to revitalize and embrace new growth. I routinely encourage each employee to put on a new work FACE.

This has become contagious and has a positive effect. Employees started telling me “I used my facial cleanser this morning and I am focused.”

Once we implemented this system, patients would tell me “your staff seems so cheerful.” We subsequently increased our referrals and employees started asking me ”What can I do to help?”

By remaining motivated and positive during tough times, together we decreased our “failed to show” appointments, and increased our company’s growth.

During challenging times when job losses are at an all time high, businesses are struggling to remain profitable, and we are surrounded by people losing homes, jobs, and retirement funds; it is important to wake up each day motivated to overcome the challenges you face during the day.

The way you stay motivated and positive will make a difference in your success or failure in life.

The F-A-C-E(sm) Success System allows you to overcome workplace challenges and embrace opportunities that come your way to create a more successful workplace.

The following are the four success keys of the F-A-C-E system:

1. Focus - When you wash your face each morning as you prepare for your day, look in the mirror and wash away any DRAMA. To be successful in the work place, no one wants to be surrounded by anyone creating drama. Everyone has their own issues and personal stresses, so no one has time for anyone’s drama in the work place. Create focus in your life by creating powerful life goals and constantly revisit your goals on an ongoing basis. The more you focus on your goals, the less time you will have for workplace drama. You will be seen as a person who gets things done and additional opportunities will come your way.

2. Attitude - Regardless of the where you work, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is essential to workplace success. A positive attitude helps you to feel good about yourself and helps to create positive personal interactions throughout the day. Brush away any negative attitude. Remember a negative attitude equals problems (less teamwork, less communication, fewer opportunities) whereas a positive attitude equals opportunities (more teamwork, more ideas/communication, and more opportunities).

3. Commitment – NFL Legend Vince Lombardi said, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Be COMMITTED to excellence and your goals. A commitment to excellence allows you to focus on making improvements everyday. Ask yourself, “How can I make a difference each and every day?” and act to make a difference.

4. Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is the engine to positive energy and drives success. BE ENTHUSIASTIC about everything you do. Create passion about the things you care about and success will take care of itself.

Take the time to invest in more F-A-C-E time with yourself and you will be motivated to be more successful in the workplace.

My prescription to FACE the challenges of this economic crisis:

Put on Your work F-A-C-E and embrace more success in your life!

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Winifred D. Bragg, MD is a business owner, keynote speaker and author.

She has taught thousands why staying strong and maintaining a strong mental toughness are essential to overcoming adversities. She has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS news television segments.

As a physician, Dr.Bragg has treated thousands of patients with physical pain. She now teaches leaders from various industries how to overcome the growing pains in their personal and professional life.

She delivers powerful messages through teaching the Bragg(sm)Factor. Through this system, Dr.Bragg shares methods on how to achieve your maximum potential.

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