Mens Underwear

If you are looking to gift the man in your life with some new underwear, but don't know where to start, then here is a quick guide as to how to best match your man's body type with the best type of underwear.


Underwear doesn't just need to look good; it needs to be comfortable and easy to wear too. Boxers are the ideal choice for the man who prefers breathable underwear and as boxers are a more relaxed style of underwear, there are plenty of different sizes and fits to suit a wide range of men's body types.

However, it is important to take into consideration that although boxers do offer the comfort factor, they are far less supportive than some other underwear choices. They are also not really suitable for wearing under tightfitting clothing, so if your man wears a suit daily or won't be parted from his skinny jeans, then you may want to give boxers a miss.


Briefs are the ideal choice of underwear for men who may have thicker thighs and who also may need more support. Briefs are also an excellent choice for men who may be on the shorter side, as they help to elongate the legs, making them look longer.

Offering plenty more support, briefs are the perfect option for a man who loves to exercise, although always pay attention to the material, as close-fitting briefs still want an element of breathability, so be sure to steer clear of synthetic materials.


Boxer-briefs combine a traditional boxer look with a more close-fitting brief style fit, giving you an underwear style that is easy to wear and suits a variety of different men's shapes. This versatile option comes in a variety of different sub-styles too. For example, jersey boxer-briefs have added stretch in the material, so are perfect if your man has a larger bottom and struggles to find a brief that is supportive or a boxer that isn't too baggy.

Equally, some styles come with a longer length which is ideal if your man has larger thighs and needs some more material so as not to restrict his movement. Moreover, their higher waistband makes them a great choice for taller men too, as this means they do not have to worry about their underwear moving or slipping as they move during the day.

In short, boxer-briefs are a real crowd pleaser for most men's body types, according to Mens Underwear Ireland.

Hipsters and Trunks

If your man has a body that he loves to show off, then he will definitely appreciate underwear in a hipsters or trunks style. These offer a similar style to a boxer-brief, but are instead shorter, to show off more of the physique. Some also come with added front support, but in general this style of underwear fits close to the body and is particularly flattering on men who have honed their body at the gym or who have a naturally slimmer frame. Most hipsters and trunks also come with a lower waistband, so they are ideal for showing off a washboard stomach.

This type of underwear however may not suit men with larger thighs, as the material can ride up during movement. Also, if you man is naturally slimmer, be sure to choose a pair of hipsters or trunks that fits his thigh at the widest point to be sure he won't be swamped by excess fabric.

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