Amazon is one of the big search engines in the world of ecommerce. Somewhere, it dominates the market when we talk about ebook selling. According to Forrester research findings, more than 30% of product search begins at Amazon from mid 2012 which are quite less compared to Google, only 13%. In today's post, I will share a few easy to follow tips to get your ebook rankings up in the Amazon. These tips you can use in other ebook selling website as well.

If you are willing to sell your ebook on more than one online store then the most important thing is, you should get your own publisher account on ebook store to get the most benefits of the platform. If possible, don't use the third party aggregators or distributors as it can reduce your Meta data to the lowest common denominator of each store. One of the most famous eBook store is Amazon and if you want to target this international eBook store to sell your books, read on to learn top SEO tips and best practices you can apply to push your rankings in the search results of Amazon. This will increase your chances to get higher rankings and will result in possible higher book sell.

SEO tips for ebook selling on Amazon
Amazon has very good influence in ebook store market. Here are a few areas where I suggest you to focus and be precise to get your rankings up in the Amazon store.

Title & Subtitle
Title is the most important thing. Properly fill this field with the name of the book. Subtitle is a new field for KDP. You can add information to it, if applicable. Be precise, as title and subtitle has combined character limit of 200 characters.

Use keyword rich description to get the best rankings. I would also suggest to use html formatting to make your description appealing to the reader. You can use heading, subheading, bold, italic to format your description.

Series Title
If your book has legitimate series then don't forget to mention it. As it's one of the ranking factors in Amazon.

Publisher Name
Never forget to add the publisher name. It adds credibility to the ebook and also build a brand for the author. It also helps to get rankings in search by author name.

Name of Contributor(s)
If anyone contributed in completing the book then this is the place to give credit. It will opens a door for search by that author name.

This is one of the main reasons to use KDP instead of third party distributors. Amazon allows giving two categories for your ebook. Use both and open another door of high ranking in Amazon search. It will also make you more fit for general search rankings.

Unlike Google, Amazon allows to use keywords and use it as ranking factors. You can use seven comma-separated keywords. So take complete benefit of it.

Practice above mentioned tips and opens the doors of high rankings in Amazon for general and specific search.

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