Many people are starting to have a great deal of doubts about the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intention. People just can’t seem to attract good things into their lives no matter how hard they try. I know Bob Proctor has a whole series on what went wrong with “The Secret”. However, I believe that even Bob Proctor missed the mark. Manifestation is really about finding the right ingredients that can make your dreams come true.

Just think about some of the greatest inventions of all time. The invention of the number zero gave birth to the binary code that allows us to program computers.
The Theory of Relativity provided us with a gateway to quantum physics, theory, and computation. Lastly, the Human Rights movement changed the perception of the entire world, and made the concept of equality a reality and not just an illusion. What do all of these breakthrough ideas and movements have in common? Diversity.

I know we hear all the good talk about diversity and equal opportunity employers. However, diversity is not really about being politically correct. Diversity is about evolution and growth. The zero was first used as a placeholder by the Babylonian, and rediscovered by the Mayans, and perhaps perfected by the Indians. Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity partly to discredit Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. One little lady who refused to give up her seat in the front of the bus inspired the Civil Rights movement.

What does all this mean? It means that the best ideas cannot be contributed to one single person. The best inventions, the breakthrough ideas, and the greatest innovations in technology arose from a mesh-mash of people with different types of energy and ideas. Just think about all the successful people in the world. They had great ideas, but they needed a team to bring them to life. Everyone on their team couldn’t be alike, they needed people with different kinds of energy and thought patterns to contribute their two cents.

This concept can be broken down scientifically as well. We understand that manifestation is really about getting those little invisible particles to move in a direction that is beneficial to us. Those little invisible particles are called atoms. Within those atoms are electrons and protons.

Electrons have a negative charge and act as the male/masculine/yang aspect of energy. The protons represent the yin/feminine/positive spark. Heat causes these particles to jiggle and dance. The electrons have a magnetic pull that the protons are attracted to. When they finally unite, there is an “orgasmic” spark. When this happens, the atom becomes completely balanced with an even number of protons and electrons.

When there is an uneven amount of electrons and protons, atoms become unstable. They lose their electric spark and slowly begin to deteriorate. So how does this process affect diversity? Well, atoms are very much like people. They get very lonely when they have an uneven amount of electrons and protons. So they continue to look around for other atoms to “mate” with. They want to feel balanced and complete. For the unstable atom, it is do or die.

In order for atoms are particles to survive, they have to be exposed to different vibrational elements of energy. To manifest your desires you are going to have to focus on a mesh mash of ideas. You are going to need to attract people from all walks of life, to guide you and help make your dreams a reality. Just remember, diversity is the spice of life, and the new secret to manifesting your dreams.

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