Most people are looking for wisdom outside of themselves. Yet all wisdom can be found within… in our heart and solar plexus where that great omnipresent force resides.

1 - As we become more conscious of our inner world we become more conscious of our inner wisdom. Thus we take control of our wisdom and accept our power.

2 - Life opens up to us as we become more aware and conscious. We have a destiny and that destiny must be awakened. If we go inward we will find that destiny. If we go outward we will become lost in the mad shouting of the outer world.

3 - Gain and loss depend on our inner wisdom. The more we understand our inner wisdom the more we gain. The less we understand our inner wisdom the more we lose. This is cause and effect… it has to take place.

4 - Inner wisdom must be in harmony with nature. Lack of harmony leads to confusion which leads to loss and lack in the material world.

5 - When we think positive thoughts of wisdom those thoughts align with nature. We thus create harmonious thoughts that align the body in every aspect including hormones, secretions, and the manifesting of a healthy body in general. Which also aligns our mind and body with a healthy outer world which we manifest in our personal life.

6 - Positive thoughts of wisdom create harmony in all things… from the micro to the macro, all things are connected to peace… this is also cause and effect. And this cause and effect also changes the world around us, as we attract more of that which we exude.

7 - The end result is a body that is healthy, vital, and full of strength which validates our inner wisdom. And our personal world aligns with the harmony of our nature.

8 - Thoughts of lack, distress, and limitation allow a lack of harmony to manifest in our body and in our personal world… this is also cause and effect.

9 - The power area of the solar plexus just below the navel is where we feel love, fear, joy, and all emotion in addition to what we feel in our heart.

10 - This solar plexus area and our heart are important and must be in harmony with our inner wisdom. And it’s through our subconscious mind that we bring all these feelings into alignment with the Omnipresent Power of the Infinite One Mind and manifest our personal world.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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