From the bestseller “Messages from your Soul” Book 1 in the series Conversations with DZAR

We have seen so many of you wishing for something that you do not have, something to fill a part of your room, your house, your garage, an aspect of Self that you feel is missing. You ask for it sincerely from a deep place within you and nothing arrives upon your doorstep. Nothing seems to change in your experiences and then you raise your fists towards the heavens and you curse because we do not listen. Yet time and again, the expression of Self that is doing the asking is the key factor to you receiving what you ask for.

The universe listens to the frequency of your Being
You are Beings of Energy and so the words you speak, the thoughts you think and the Self are all vibration and they send their frequencies into the Energetic field that surrounds you. You have all had times when you have said a word or shown a feeling, yet the true thought or feeling behind it is different to what you have displayed. Two vibrations go out, but one will be stronger than the other and you can guess which one it is.

The same thing happens when you are asking for something. The request has a frequency, but the vibration of the Constricted Self that has the frequency of insecurity or lack which is behind it is stronger than the asking. Many times you ask for big things, big events, big changes to fill these insecurities but nothing is as big as that insecurity that is asking. That is why so many times you do not receive what you ask for.

As the universal Energy hears what it is that you wish, it hears it from the true space of who you are in the asking, from the space of your Expanded Being and it will send down that which it hears. Yet many of you miss so much of what is sent to you, for although you may be in the space of your Expanded Being when you ask, you then move out of that space into the doubt, into the limitation of the Constricted Self as you are waiting for the manifestation to occur. In this space, you do not have awareness of what is possible and waiting for you. You miss out on all the ways in which it is presented to you because you become so focused on your old expression of Self, you become so focused on the space of how and when you think it should manifest.

We wish you could see the Returns Desk for unclaimed requests at All That Is! It is so vast that we have many Energies working 24/7 putting the returned desires that people miss back on the shelves. Your name is still on it, it is still there waiting for you to be ready to accept it, but many of them have dust upon them for they have been there through many of your existences. Our wish is to be able to close the Returns Desk, our wish is for you to receive all of the things that you ask for that are in alignment with you living as the fullest expression of your essence, for why would an abundant universe wish for anything else?

Who you are in the asking

There are many components that go forward to allowing manifestation to occur in your life. The first is always the expression of Self that is asking for what it is you are wishing. Are you looking at the things you want through Expanded Eyes, are you asking from the space of your Expanded Being or from a connection to your Constricted Self?

Many times your requests come from the Constricted Self, from the space of lack. And you have noticed, have you not, that when you ask from that space that you are still unhappy a short time after even when you receive your wish for, it has not filled the hole. And there is the time when nothing arrived and that reflected upon the emptiness inside you and it felt at that time that it indeed made the hole bigger within you. You decided that the universe does not listen to you and you separated yourself even further from your Expanded Being and from us.

Can you feel, Young Ones, the many times you have tried to make something happen but it just added to your own doubt, to your own fears? At these times, you were left with the sense of I knew it wouldn’t work! I never get what I want. Understand the Self that is saying these things, understand that you are saying these things to yourself from the space of your Constricted Self for your Expanded Being would never have such a conversation with you. Can you begin to see how then the experiences become you?

When you are identified with your Constricted Self, you begin with much good will and intent for you expanding. But then if it does not work the way you wish, you place so much doubt within your own field that your expression of Self becomes even more limited and feels even more separate. You allow the emptiness and the disappointment to become you.

So each time you sit quietly and connect to your Expanded Being, to that aspect of you that is connected to the Energy of All That Is and to the Energy of creation, know that if your request is truly coming as an expression of your true essence that it is always answered. Each time you ask from this space, know that you have successfully completed the task you have set yourself to do. Then all there is for you to do is to stay connected to your Expanded Being and have awareness of what unfolds around you. It is resonance, it is how the universe functions. It will not deny you but so many times you feel that you are denied and that experience becomes attached to your expression of Self and your pain deepens.

Know this too, that if you ask for something that you want from the space of your Constricted Self, if you are asking because you believe the thing you want is the key to you feeling whole, to you feeling happy, that it will make you feel worthy then it is very unlikely, Young Ones, that you will experience what it is you seek. For again it all comes back to the expression of Self that is doing the asking.

You cannot pretend to be the expression of your Expanded Being, it is not something you can lay over the top of your Constricted Self to try to dress it up in your eyes or ours for we always respond to the true frequency of your request. We are not fooled by the fancy packaging it may come in! But when you ask from the space of your Expanded Being, you are in the space of becoming the true expression of your essence and so you make your request for the sheer joy of the experiencing who you are in that space. When you know that you are complete without it, and yet you seek the experience for your own growth and joy, that is when we really listen to you!

Awareness and acceptance return again as the way for you to move out of the space of the Constricted Self. Acceptance that a whole Being lives within you already, and awareness from the space of your wholeness of what is being delivered to you in that moment and, indeed, in the moments preceding it. Understand, Young Ones, this is a practice, understand that you are in the space of becoming more strongly connected to your Expanded Being and the more you connect, the stronger your awareness, and the more joy you will experience in your existence.

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