Do you manage your time effectively? Do you know how to prioritize? Do you know how to overcome procrastination?

Successful people know that time management is crucial to their success. They know that each minute is needed to achieve their goals. The Russian actor and director, Stanislavski, who developed an acting method that is used world wide now, used to tell his actors that every day is needed if they want to become successful and achieve their goals as successful actors. A day missed is a day lost, which is a step backwards artistically.

In my previous article, time management, I discussed the reasons why many people grew up not knowing how to manage time effectively and I also discussed the benefits of time management. In this article, I will discuss some steps on how you can manage your time more effectively.

Time management

To learn how to manage your time more effectively, follow the below guide:

1. Prioritize

You need to learn how to prioritize your tasks. Make a list and break it down into 3 categories urgent, non-urgent, and normal. Use the list and prioritize as you see fit. Always leave some room for any interruption that can happen.

2. Focus on your task

You need to focus on what you are doing in the present time. Don’t digress and let your mind wander from place to place. If you digress, remind yourself of the end results and the benefits you will gain from finishing the task in time.

3. Learn to say NO

Learn to say NO when someone asks you to do something while you are working on your task. Some people are shy to refuse unscheduled visits or calls from their friends and family. If you are unable to refuse visits and calls from friends while you have important things to take care of, then you are wasting time that could be used to finish your tasks.

4. Planning

When you plan, make sure you give each task the required time to finish it. Leave some hours every day spare incase something unexpected happens in your day.

These are some tips that will help you manage time better. Learn how to manage your time in a professional way and learn how to control your time. When you use your time in a non-productive way, you could be wasting some valuable time that can be used to achieve your goals.

Always remember the popular proverb, “Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it.”

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