Divorce is stressful.No one would argue that point.However, life after a divorce brings on new stressors as well. Your life has changed, and these changes can lead to an increase in stress. Tasks that used to be shared now fall on just your shoulders. In addition, there may be additional stressors such as financial stress, relationship stress, and dealing with the Ex. All this additional stress in your life can trigger a plethora of medical issues. However, you can control your stress level. While stress is inevitable, it is also controllable. This article focuses on quick tips that can help reduce the stress in your life.

Practicing deep breathing techniques can really help eliminate stress and get you out of stressful situations. Too often people give in to the stress that surrounds them instead of taking a step back and taking a deep breath. Breathing techniques take it a step further, allowing you to concentrate on calm for several minutes.

Dogs and cats have such a carefree life. If you are stressed out, spend some time with your pets or your neighbor's pets. Play with them and pet them and you will find the worries and stress in your life start to disappear.

Make sure you are making plenty of time for being social. Loneliness is a key factor in stressful situations, and you need to make sure you are spending time with family and friends. This is especially important after experiencing a divorce. Do not isolate yourself. It is important to push yourself to attend events, go to the movies, out to eat as an independent person.

Nice bubble baths, long hot showers, and water therapy in general can help relieve stress. A dip in the pool or the ocean is very therapeutic as well. Walking and exercise releases endorphins, so this can really benefit you when trying to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Ever heard the saying "walk it off?"

Taking quick naps can greatly reduce the stress in your life. Often stress can be caused by lack of sleep and rest, and it can definitely cause you to lose sleep and rest. Therefore, take a quick nap every so often, and you will find yourself refreshed.Try not to sleep more than twenty minutes or it may interfere with sleeping through the night.

Stress is a part of everyone's life, and is espe cially prominent after a divorce. Stress is inevitable, and left uncontrolled, the results are devastating. Practice the tips in thisarticle, and find ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life today.

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Diane Adkins is a certified life coach, certified neuro-linguistic practitioner, and owner of Better Beyond™ Coaching Solutions, and has dedicated her life to being a Midlife Divorce Recovery Specialist helping women to start living the life they deserve after a midlife divorce.