You're not the only one who is feeling stressed and nervous currently. If you are also witnessing stress-related discomforts in the body, such as headaches and muscle pains, there are many to accompany you. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak hasn't been kind on any nation. It has caused massive infections and numerous deaths. Those who haven't tested positive for COVID-19 are continually fretting about catching the virus through community transmission. It has become imperative to count on wellness practices to heal the stress-related bodily discomforts during such a time.

What are the wellness practices suggested by Dennis Begos?

According to surgery doctor, Dennis Begosmanaging stress symptoms in the body through self-care and natural remedies will work. The following pointers can help:

  1. Muscle pains and cluster headaches

Headaches are common. And most people get cluster headaches once a year. However, it can recur at regular intervals when it comes to stress-related headaches and leads to confusion and a lack of mental clarity. Excess tension makes people tighten the jaw, shoulders, and knees. Later on, this results in knee pain, jaw aches, and backaches. Mild exercise and relaxing neck and jaw movements can help to ease these stress-induced aches. You can also ask a family member to massage your back and neck area to relieve the stress locked inside the tissues and muscles.

  1. Nausea and indigestion

Excess stress can increase the body’s acid content and create stomach issues. Most often than not, people find it challenging to digest food and feel a sense of nausea during eating. Nausea occurs because of the undissolved and undigested food particles in the stomach. To aid this, brisk walking after meals help. That aside, consuming herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary also helps in proper digestion. You can also add chia seeds and jasmine tea in your diet daily to heal digestion issues. Chewing mint leaves can also help to reduce nausea.

  1. Increase blood pressure

Excess tension can increase heart palpitations and heart rate. It will increase blood pressure as well. The best way to resolve this is by reducing stress and panic. And for that, consuming herbal teas and other herbal concoctions can help. Additionally, meditation, deep breathing, and listening to music can help calm the mind, regularize the breathing pattern, and minimize blood pressure.

  1. Lack of sleep

Stress and dilemma make the mind overactive, which can prevent one from sleeping well. At times the inability to sleep might appear like insomnia and add more to your stress. Meditation and exercise can tackle this issue well. Additionally, you can also try reading a book before sleeping. It also helps when you write a journal before bedtime—listening to soothing music for ten to fifteen minutes before sleeping can calm the nerves and help to sleep. At times, a good quality CBD oil can also aid sleeping and help to relax better.

These are a few of the stress-related body discomforts that people are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic phase. You can refer to easy homemade remedies like those mentioned above to feel better and maximize complete well-being.

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