Change is an inevitable partner of life no matter whether we like it or not. As times goes on everything around us changes. Our immediate physical surroundings which might include buildings and infrastructure to which we might have strong emotional attachments make way for more modern and sophisticated ones with changing times. In the same way, social systems also change. With the flow of time even social values which were of utmost importance once, often take a place of lesser importance in modern society. If 100 years ago the tempo of change in the social sphere was at a snail’s pace,50 years ago it became that of a hare and at present it moves as fast as a Ferrari. On first look the picture might seem as that of progress, but on closer scrutiny comes clear a picture of chaos, misunderstanding and alienation of individuals who mentally tend to get detached from the society. Generation gaps have become a serious threat to the family system all over the world having evolved from a natural phenomenon into an ugly reality that needs to be confronted and can be dealt with only through professional help. Parents find it difficult to understand their children because they simply grew up in a different world with different values and different priorities in life. Supplementary to these consequences of changes in social patterns, interpersonal relationships both on the platonic front as well as on the marital front are under immense stress.

Life has become a race where everyone tries to be the first and in the process injuries are inevitable. Modern life gives us very little time to adjust to our surroundings’ and situations and no sooner than we manage to adjust ourselves in one place, life already takes us to another. Transition periods from childhood to teenage and then to adulthood have become so complex that they can leave individuals, not only those from problematic backgrounds but also from normal families deeply traumatized. These hidden traumas may surface again in the form of anxiety, depression, identity confusion, personality and eating disorders when the individual finds himself in a situation pitted against all odds which, is nothing new in the 21st century man’s life. Every disorder including anxiety, anger and stress management is possible with the help of an expert clinical therapist.

It is in this context that the importance of professionals like psychoanalysts and psychotherapists needs to be highlighted more. Modern medical science understands the incompleteness of medicine as a science without psychoanalysis and psychotherapy because a person cannot be completely healthy unless both his body and his mind are healthy. Clinical social workers render their services professionally and provide family therapy, couple therapy, and also deal with child and adolescent problems. Clinical consultations and therapy help people to deal with a range of emotional and inter personal difficulties which are a common phenomenon in almost every modern household. Living in the modern age of the internet may have complicated life in areas of interpersonal relationships but it has also its merits in the form of the effective availability of solutions to these problems even at a distance. People whose physical condition deters them to meet the therapist or those who are too far away and cannot afford to spend time for travel can have consultations online. Online consultations are also extremely useful in crisis situations when an immediate solution is necessary or as a resource for parents who need to consult regarding an adolescent who is not willing to appear for consultation. Making use of video conference facility, group therapies can be held even with people who are located in different countries.

To sum it all up, even though life in the modern age with its fast pace and the resulting tension has given rise to a lot of psychological problems, it has not only provided effective remedy, but also the infrastructure to make it available to those in need of it.

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Cissy, a Counsellor and Psychotherapist , is known as an astute, compassionate and gifted psychotherapist who brings hope to those in despair and darkness.Cissy has extensive experience in providing services to all age groups; individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. She also provides on-line therapy and this means she is accessible from anywhere in the world by appointment