How To Manage Marriage Problems: Advice For Married Couples Having Problems

It is inevitable for couples to once in a while have some misunderstandings or differences. But then again, however extreme or passionate the marriage problems may be of a couple, getting into a divorce should never be the first option but the last. Yes, it is understandable that a man and wife will more often than not clash due to differences in their personalities, upbringing, or mere nature. That is why it is bets to know more about how to properly address the various kinds of marriage problems and therefore save your marriage in not time:

1. Nature explains the constant dispute of men and women.
First, it is said that men came from Mars and the women from Venus. The female species coming from the other planet on the left side of the earth and the male species originating from the planet on the right side of our Earth; thus, the ultimate relativity in almost everything. It is natural for men and women, especially when you are a couple married, to always get into some quarrels, of course, being together practically about 16 hours a day or so.

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2. Common Reasons Or Causes Of A Problematic Marriage
There is a long, long list of causes that may actually bring about a problematic marriage. One of the most common causes of their arguments is that of money. Although it may be a conflict that does not automatically push the couple to think about divorcing each other, it can actually possibly make the relationship stronger if managed by the couple effectively. As they always say, love flies out of the window when cash flow seems so tight.

3. Loss Of Communication With Each Other And With Their Children
One of the most common marriage problems is that of having a communication gap. If you allow your line of communication with your spouse to get dull and eventually cut, it is like you are allowing your marriage to eventually go down the tubes. In the same manner, that if you allow your children to be out of touch from you and your spouse, chances are they might be another cause fro your marriage problem. When the child begins to have problems in school, the parents will start pointing fingers and quarreling over who is the real culprit who needs to be blamed.

4. Signs Of An Impending Problematic Marriage
There are actually frequently observed signs that you are headed for some marriage problems. Make it a point to know them so that you do not have to wait for a long time, staying unhappy in your marriage when you actually still love each other and can do something to make it work again.

5. Steps To Start The Relationship Again
Learn how to forgive and then you forget everything that has happened between the two of you in those long years of conflicts and disputes. Do away with the resentments, hurts, and anger that have built up between the two of you through the years. Start anew, and make sure to never rake the ashes of the dead past when together again, so to speak. That way, you can be on the recovery road to your ailing hearts that will give you the love and happiness you both deserve.

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Lack of intimacy in a marriage spells trouble. For instance, when you and your spouse first got together, intimacy played a very important role in your relationship. It was your way of showing each other just how much love you had for each other.

As you got to know each other better, the intimacy between the two of you grew as well. You became engaged, and then married, and you and your spouse were happy. You had a place you could call home, you had everything you needed, the intimacy between the two of you was very comfortable and enjoyable, and, above all, you had each other.

Life was great. There were times when, if you were at a function or a private party, that you would look at each other from across the crowded room, and give each other a knowing look - this was intimacy between you and your spouse. It was a private moment between you and your spouse, even in that crowded room.

However, over the years, the level of intimacy between you and your spouse has dwindled down to almost nothing. There are no more knowing looks between you and your spouse. In fact, every day is exactly the same as yesterday. Get up, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV and go to bed - to sleep.

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There are very seldom hugs and kisses between you and your spouse either. These were intimate moments between you and your spouse that you really miss now. Your married life has become really cold and without any form of physical contact at all, and you really miss it.

This is what married life is without intimacy. You and your spouse, instead of being the loving, caring couple you once were, are now like robots. Every day is exactly the same as the last one, with no excitement whatsoever.

Intimacy is not only about the romance in a marriage either. It is also a way to show each other that you still love each other as much as the day you started dating. It is a way to share happy or sad feelings - it is a way of communication without saying one word to each other.

If you have realized lately that the intimacy that was once great in your married life has now all but disappeared, then do something, anything, to get it back on track again, before your problems become even larger, and you and your spouse drift even further away from each other.

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You have been totally and utterly betrayed, your trust in your partner shattered beyond repair, and left in such a depressed state, that you feel as if you will never be better again. If being cheated on has left you in this broken, miserable state, then why on earth would you want to save your marriage after infidelity?

Your spouse was seeing someone else behind your back, and let you believe that your marriage was just as secure and stable as it always was, until he/she decided that you weren't good enough, told you that there was someone else, and walked out on you.

It's no wonder that you are probably walking around in a daze. One minute your life was running smoothly, and the next minute everything you have worked for over the years is gone. The thing is, you are desperate now, you still love your spouse, even though he/she has hurt you to the very core of your being, and you don't know which way to turn.

Well, I can tell you this in all confidence - the fact that you still love your spouse is not enough to save your marriage after infidelity. Even if you could convince your spouse to come back to you, it would be unwillingly, and your life together would be a very rocky one indeed.

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You will ALWAYS have the feeling that you cannot trust your spouse and will also be very suspicious every time your spouse is not with you. Is he/she really where he/she is supposed to be, or with the other person? You will have endless sleepless nights worrying about whether your spouse is still seeing thither person or not.

Your married life will never be the same - the will always be that dark cloud of doubt hanging over your head, and over time, it will make you go almost insane.

So before you harbour any thoughts about saving your marriage after infidelity, think things over very, very carefully - will you be willing to spend your life with someone who has cheated on you once, and could possibly cheat on you once again?

It might be better all round for you to just cut your losses, get out of the marriage completely, and start a new life again.

BUT... I guess it is different for everyone and you may disagree with me. It is absolutely fine. After all, there are many cases when where couples have been able to pick up pieces after cheating and successfully start over again. You have to really decide for yourself!

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Your husband fell in love with you for who you are. He fell even deeper in love with you for that, so much so, that he decided to ask you to marry him - he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. However, things have changed for the worse in the last few years - married life just isn't the same, and your husband doesn't love you anymore.

My guess is that you are one of those things that have changed over the years. Unfortunately, you have obviously changed for the worse, and it has become so bad, that your husband doesn't love you anymore. This is a serious situation that is crying out for immediate attention - you must do something right away!

I would suggest that you talk to your husband immediately, to find out what it is about you that is obviously putting him off. He might not want to say anything to you at first, because he probably doesn't want to hurt your feelings. However, if it is making his feelings for you slowly disappear, then it is very important that you find out what it is, whether it hurts your feelings or not, and accept that it is your one chance to get your married life back on track again.

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Be honest and tell your husband that you have noticed that his feelings for you have changed. Tell him also, that you really, really, love him, and want to do anything to change those things about you that are causing him so much unhappiness.

No matter what he says, and no matter how hurt you are, grit your teeth and take it - your husband doesn't love you anymore, and it is vital that you do something to change that if you still love him. Once he has explained things to you, thank him for his honesty, and tell him that you are going to do something about it, starting right now!

This is really a red warning light for you, and you are so lucky to have seen it before it is too late! Your husband doesn't love you anymore, but, if you show him your willingness to change, as well as how much you still love him, then this could change for the better very soon.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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