The website design of your small business does not need to have many attractive extra features. A simple, accessible, modern and secure website can be of more value to your small business. Though, there are certain basic elements that should be included for your website design to work.

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Include White Space

White space refers to the empty space on a page that is usually white. To ensure your content is more accessible, implement a minimalist website design that incorporates a lot of white space.


If you have a blog, make it interactive by including links that can be shared on a social network. Another great idea is to allow visitors to leave comments, but use comment moderation so that only the appropriate comments get approval.

Ensure That Your Website Is Up To The Minute

Update your content regularly so that you can boost your online presence and reputation. Regular updates are also necessary to keep the search engines happy.

Emphasise Your Values

Your website design should give your business the opportunity to communicate its reputation and quality. A short sentence of ten words should do the trick.

Emphasise Your Expertise

Your website design should also give your business the opportunity to include some high-quality text about what makes your business better than other similar businesses.

Include A Call To Action

It should not be hard for a potential client to enlist the services of your business or get in touch with you. So, double-check that you include a call to action on every single relevant page.

Ensure That Your Website Design Pays Attention To Mobile Devices

Nowadays Internet users access websites via different mobile devices. Therefore it is key that you ensure that your website design is responsive to multiple types of mobile devices. For example, are your marketing emails readable on every mobile device?

Concentrate On Keywords And SEO

To make it easier for the different search engines to identify your website’s content better, your website should include relevant keywords in both your text and URLs.

Use Words Effectively

Your website design is not the only thing that is important. Your content also plays an important role. So, ensure that you enlist the services of skilled writers and be sure to give them the necessary support so that they can create content that will be useful to the customers of your business.

Study The Guidelines Of Search Engines

Study the guidelines provided by search engines such as Google to avoid that your website breaks any search engine policies.

Avoid Getting Blocked

If your website gets blocked from a search result it is because it is not regarded as being able to create high-quality content. So, to avoid getting blocked, ensure that you have quality content.

Make Your Website Secure

Nowadays it is key that your website has proper security to protect it against possible hackers. One of the quickest ways to ruin the reputation of your business is by handling info in a careless manner.


Social networking can be very effective. Take the time to interact with your current as well as potential customers on your social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Pritom das is an tech entrepreneur