Planting trees is an essential exercise in the conservation of our environment. However, more work must get done after planting a tree to ensure the tree grows strong and lives for long. Here are some ways through which you can ensure that your trees are healthy and stay for long.

Protect the Tree Bark

The bark is the external cover that protects the internal trunk layers of the tree. When the bark is damaged, it opens the tree up to fungal infections which end up making the tree to rot from the inside. There are many ways through which barks could get injured, e.g., by passing vehicles, sprinklers, etc. Remove the lower branches that may get into contact with moving vehicles, and prevent the probability of your tree being hit by farm equipment and objects.

Prune Your Trees Regularly

Pruning your trees regularly, especially when they are young, helps your tree to grow sturdy branches. If you are new to pruning or are not sure of the best way of going around it, you can hire the services of professionals, like those from Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc, who can advise you or even do the pruning for you. Pruning regularly not only makes your trees stronger but also gives your tree a good shape as it grows.

Water Your Trees Effectively

Drought can lead to the death of trees you love. During these times, and also when the tree is still young or newly planted, it is vital that we water the tree regularly. It makes the tree resilient when the weather conditions are harsh. As far as the watering pattern is concerned, Houzz advises that the best way of watering is infrequent deep watering as opposed to frequent light watering.

Winds Make Trees Stronger

Research has shown that wind makes trees stronger. When winds blow against a tree, it makes its root systems to grow deep. Deep roots will always support the tree well as it gets taller with passing time. When the tip of the tree gets swayed by the winds, it promotes the development of a sturdy trunk. Therefore, ensuring your trees are in the path of wind is likely to guarantee your trees grow strong.

Trees are an essential element of the environment. When they get stronger and live longer, we all benefit. The soil is more intact and the air cleaner. Trees can also be sold either as trees or as timber and, therefore, it is beneficial to ensure that all the trees you plant will be tough and sturdy.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.