Using wall hangings is the best idea for the decoration of your home and to add elegance and beauty to the walls of your home. Beautiful tapestries go well with all kinds of decorations and can be used for this purpose. Tapestries are considered one of the oldest forms of art and can decorate your home. Visitors to your home will be fascinated by these beautiful tapestries. You will find yourself graceful and elegant in a room that uses these wall hangings.


Tapestry art was very popular in the Middle Ages when kings and aristocrats used it as a wall hanging for castles and mansions. The people over there were also considered a luxury tool, so everyone used a tapestry. A beautiful design is woven into the rich fabric used for those tapestries. With the help of a jacquard loom, coloured threads were woven into the tapestry fabric to create these beautiful hangers. The finishing touches are done by art-savvy artisans to ensure you have the perfect tapestry for wall hangings.

Tapestries according to our taste:

If you want to use tapestry in your bedroom, you can choose royal tapestries, romantic tapestries, voyage scenes and many other designs to suit your tastes. Wall hangings can also be used to decorate the walls of your home or office. You can also use accessories like tapestry poles to hang on the wall to make it even more attractive.

Creating wall hangers by ourselves:

No one wants to live in a white box, but sometimes they can't afford to spend a fortune on art. Alternative proposal? Turn existing items into ornaments to create your work of art to display on the wall. It makes a lot of transformational differences and you don't have to spend a lot of money. From designing your child's work to creating your wall art, you've found lots of creative DIY wall art ideas inspired by designers.


The biggest advantage of using paper is the flexibility in layout and colour. These cheap paper hanging decorations can also be made at home. For example, a simple design like the one in the picture can be easily made at home. Paperhangers can also be done easily with papers and with some sort of additional equipment which adds glow to the hanger. Simply cut coloured paper into equal triangles and fix it with thread to create a handmade hanging paper craft. Flower designs can also be created very easily with coloured paper and scissors. Cutting paper-like roses and sunflowers is very easy and very cheap when it comes to adding new design elements to your home. Make a flower motif with coloured paper and connect it with thread or shape it with glue

Different types:

There are several types of panel wall hangers available at grocery stores.

Strongly twisted wrought iron:

Strongly twisted wrought iron is used to make such objects. The shape of this type of hook is similar to the shape of a ladder. There is ample space for nearly 3-4 plates of large dimensions. It is possible to place such hooks in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Wall hangers with dowels:

Wall hangers with dowels that make it easier to hold the plate are some of the other variations available. These types of display items are archaic and are generally made of wood.


Wall hangers can be of any style and type which depends on our style and taste. Selecting a wall hanger it should be advised to note all the matching style colour and size which fits perfectly and gives an extra spark and add beauty to the wall.

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