Today I’m Asking You: What Do We Do?

Rather than giving you my relationship advice like I do in most of my blogs, I’m going to do something a little differently today!

Rather than “teach” anything, I am simply sharing some questions around how men and women relate to each other. When men and women don’t relate to each other, it can lead to devastating results and enormous missed opportunities, so this is an important topic.

Have you experienced “mixed messages” in a relationship?
Check out this week’s video for a discussion.

Relating to another person can mean so many things. In your relationship, it can mean how you listen, how you talk, how you act, how you empathize, how you deal with arguments…the list goes on an on.

If you want to make your relationship stronger, you need to know how to relate to your partner.

My hope is that by asking these questions about how men and women can better relate to one another, you will share YOUR answers and/or YOUR questions so we can work on this together going forward.

The questions I hear about relating in a relationship are frequently the same from men and women.

From women I hear: “Men are mysterious, how do I know what they’re thinking and feeling?”

From men I hear: “Women are mysterious, how do I know what they’re thinking and feeling?”

Of course there are gender differences between men and women, but beyond that, we’re all human. We don’t want to get hurt (although I have to say, if you don’t want to get hurt, stay away from relating to anybody)!

Here are some questions I’m asking you today:

How can we work together to safely bring down boundaries, barriers and walls to start learning how to relate to each other beyond gender?

How can we increase peace and harmony between genders?

How can we recognize and overcome the fear from “mixed messages” we’ve all gotten in relationships over the years?

A good example is someone suddenly disappearing after a date you thought was wonderful.

Remember, I don’t have the answers or relationship advice. I’m here as Your Relationship Architect asking you the questions!

I’m asking for your help, input, ideas and questions. I’m hoping you can share your story, and by putting our heads together, we can figure out how men and women can relate better to one another.

Author's Bio: 

To-date, Geoff has worked with hundreds of private clients and couples; has led over 300 workshops; facilitated numerous life-altering retreats around the country for men, women and couples; and has spoken at numerous live and online events. Geoff is also delighted to debut his first book, Built To Last: Designing & Maintaining A Passionate, Loving and Lasting Relationship.