Quince Photography
Are you ready for your quince photoshoot? But do you know, it takes a lot of planning and preparation to make everything perfect? Your photos should reflect all the hard work you have done. Your quinceanera photos must so gorgeous to look back on and remember the special day. The day of your quince photography will be very special and very busy and overwhelmed.

You need to very conscious about your quince photographer will get all the photos you need. Creating a list of your favorite shots in advance and sharing with the photographer can ease your stress. Keep reading to know how to make your quince photoshoot perfect:

Preparation for photoshoot

  • Select quinceanera dresses, shoes, other items
  • Select your damas
  • Hair and makeup
  • Tiara and jewelry

Poses for quinceanera

Posing knowledge is most important to get those awesome photos. Here are some posing and modeling tips that can help you a lot:

Arms position:

While your quince photoshoot, make sure your arms are away from your mid-section. Leave a space between your arms and body to show separation. It will help you to look slimmer in a photo.

Turtlehead position:

For the photos that will be taken from the front, the turtlehead position is best. Moving your head straight like turtle away from your neck will make your neck look slimmer.

Photos from a higher angle:

Taking photos when you are looking upwards instead of downwards also gives a slimming illusion. Ask your photographer to take some photos from a higher angle.

Your natural personality and attitude:

The natural feelings while photo shoot makes your photos look amazing. If you are comfortable and happy, your pictures will turn out way better.

Quinceanera poses in the group:

  • Keep the quince in the middle and line up the chambelanes and damas on both sides
  • Make pairs of girls and boys for dance, keep the Quince queen and chambelan in the middle
  • Make a court like you are talking to each other, tell a joke and fake laugh for natural photos
  • Pose with both the boys and girls carrying the quinceanera, etc.

Single quince poses:

  • A normal pose where a quinceanera standing alone with a smiling face
  • Look out straight, pointing your chin up and forward a bit with a natural smile
  • Turn and twirl and blow a kiss
  • Lay down on the dress or sit up and lift the dress behind you
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