If you are interested in gardening, it is important to learn how to make your own natural compost.

Compost is a mixture of various natural or organic types of materials that assists in increasing the nutrients in the soil that is located in your garden, and also works to provide the plants that you are growing with a large amount of nutrients in order to optimize their growth and health.

  • Most fertilizers on the market today are synthetic and lack the true nutrients discovered in organic compost mixtures.

In this guide, you will learn the steps required to assist you in learning how to make your own natural compost.

1. The first step to creating your own compost is not related to the mix itself, but rather the location of the mixture.

  • It is important to place the bin that you will use to create the mixture close to the area where the mixture will be used.
  • Be certain that it is a safe area and that there are not pests in the immediate vicinity that will work their way into the compost and destroy the delicate balance of the mixture.

2. The next step to creating a natural compost is to determine what can and cannot be used when it comes to the ingredients of the mixture.

  • You may use items such as leaves, pieces of grass, waste from the kitchen, and weeds.
  • You do not want to use items that contain herbicide, plants that are diseased, citric based fruits, pet feces, or meats.
  • Once you have determined the ingredients that will be most appropriate for your needs, you may proceed to step three.

3. Now that you have all of your ingredients, you should begin mixing them together in the bin that you have designated for your compost gardening needs.

  • You may want to get a spike or another tool to assist in ensuring that all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  • It is important to avoid mixing the ingredients too harshly.

4. Once your compost is all mixed up, you will want to put some water in it. It is important to understand that the mixture should not be drenched in water.

  • You should only place enough water in the compost gardening bin that will result in it getting damp.
  • Once it is damp, begin the process of mixing all of the elements together once more.

5. Now that everything is mixed together in your compost gardening bin, you should add some organic living items to your bin.

  • One of the best elements, in my opinion, are earthworms.
  • These creatures will help to maintain the balance within the bin and will aid in adding nutrients consistently to the product.

It is important to let your compost mixture to work for a few days. This way, once you put it to use, it will be healthier and will help in optimizing the overall health of the plants that will be exposed to it.

Now that you know how to make your own natural compost, you will never have the need to purchase fertilizer again!

Author's Bio: 

Whitney Segura is an expert gardener and owner of Compost Bin Tumbler, a company that manufacturers and distributes compost bins, tumblers, buckets, pails, and replacement compost bin filters in the United States.