If you have an online business, it is highly vital that you apply an online business appearance strategy. Regardless of the industry that your business is in, you have to familiarize yourself with how to gain traction. Knowing how to maximize the use of the Internet as a marketing method will easily connect your business to a lot of people. Read on to know how to improve your online business appearance.

1. Improve your website

This method seems basic and simple, but it can do a lot for your business’ presence online. Almost all people shop online, so it is important that you focus some of your online marketing strategies on your business website. You do not need to do much on improving it. What is most important is that you can clearly show what your brand is all about. You can put your company profile, reviews, contact information, as well as an updated blog.

You also have to remember to make your site compatible with smartphones and optimize your links. It should not take long to load and contain recent information.

2. Use different online platforms

Although blogs provide a good channel to develop your online presence, you should also put an effort in other platforms. As an online marketer, you ought to know what kind of content can make your customers feel entertained and informed at the same time. Some ideas in social media marketing are posting on Facebook and holding a web seminar.

3. Consistently create updated content to further improve your brand

This is an effortless online business appearance strategy you can utilize. According to research, netizens have varied reactions as to how often you post. Therefore, you have to check the frequency of your updates and their responses to these posts. Ideally, you can post 1 time on Facebook and 4 to 6 times on Twitter each day.

Timing is an important consideration on posting. You better post early in the morning and evening which are after working hours. There are applications, such as Swayy, that can help you set the right time to publish your content. You can save time and effort through this online business appearance strategy.

4. When posting on Facebook, include images

The most effective way to capture your followers’ attention is by putting photos together with your posts. If you post content with an image, it will likely generate more likes as compared to imageless posts. Whether you are updating or promoting, write your content, put the link at the end of your post, and include an image. As a result, your posts will be more noticeable and draw more attention.

5. Place social media icons on your posts

If you have many social media accounts, embed their buttons on your website and other online platforms where you publish your content. You will see a dramatic rise in your followers, which means you are gaining more reputation. Blogs have this feature in order to persuade people to post content on their social media accounts. The best locations for your social media icons are in the header or footer of your website, newsletter, posts, and email signature.

6. Use Launchrock

Launchrock is an application that gathers email addresses of people who want to get a newly launched application. Because this application asks for social media accounts, it is a great tool to do online marketing and increase exposure.

To use this, register for a free account and personalize a widget that you can put at the part where you do promotions on your website. Then, in order to qualify for your promo, the user must have someone else to join as well. Moreover, they have to use their social media accounts that they registered on Launchrock.

For you to maximize this application’s feature, you have to make sure that your promos are enticing enough for the users to share with their personal network.

You can see how many people each email address refers. You can personally contact the users who bring the most number of people and send a message of appreciation. From this, you can boost your presence on the Internet.

7. Spend some money on an infographic

Infographics have been a trend, so investing on one is a great idea to obtain more traffic which can result in better exposure for your online business. You need to do thorough research for your infographic. You must make it interesting that many other websites will share it. From this, you will generate more visitors and potential customers.


Finally, having a lot of competition, it might seem complicated to make your online business known on the Internet. Nevertheless, with the strategies given and a lot of effort, it is not far from happening.

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Alexander Alison
Content Writer for BuyRealMarketing who understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. He can spice up your marketing campaign with the content he makes.