Are you like other women who are interested to know what your man really wants? Are you curious to know how you can keep your man happy and contented? Well, it is best for you to know how men think so you will understand them better and can possibly adjust for a better relationship.
Of course, men have different unique personalities and the attitude of one might be different from another man but generally speaking there are common things that men want when it comes to love and relationship.
For women who’d like to know what men want and how you can keep them, here are some things that you should consider and remember.
1.) Flatter your man.
Men want to be appreciated and to hear flattery words particularly when it comes to their career or business. They want to be recognized for their success especially if the praises come from the one they love. Shower your husband or partner with praises and make sure to support them in whatever they do so they won’t search for praises from someone else.
2.) Don’t bore him.
Always think of interesting and fun activities that you can do together. Men hate doing the same thing all the time not unless it’s their favorite activity. Think of fun outdoor or indoor activities that you think your man will like. The activities that you do together can help you get closer and make your relationship stronger.
3.) Find quality time for lovemaking.
Needless to say spending time alone with your partner is of utmost importance. Your moments together should always be awe-inspiring and exciting so he won’t search for fun outside or with other girls.
4.) Cook for him and eat meals together.
A woman who knows how to cook gets more points than those who can’t cook. If you can’t cook, at least find ways to serve him so he won’t get hungry and make sure you eat meals together.
5.) Always look fit and attractive.
Men love to boast or show off their partner to their friends, family and co-workers. Hence, you should always look attractive and fit so that your boyfriend or husband will always be proud of you. Find time to exercise and look slim not only because you want to look good for him but also to gain confidence on yourself.
6.) Stay committed and faithful.
Commitment and faithfulness to your partner is very important. One wrong move and you will surely lose him. Men hate getting fooled especially when they learn you’re going out with another guy or you’re entertaining other men. Men want a loyal and committed partner.
7.) Show support and provide suggestions.
Men like women who can show support and provide suggestions. Support when it comes to their career or if they have problems and suggestions when it comes to fashion or when decisions need to be made. Boost their confidence by providing positive remarks.

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By knowing what men want, you will know how to adjust to your partner and build a strong relationship that no third party can destroy.