Instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there. People from all over the world have started using it. They share their personal lives, promote their business through it, and much more. People can see friend's activity on Instagram, see what others liked on Instagram, and much more. People now make sure to make their Instagram feed appealing to the eye. Have a look down below at a couple of ways you can transform your Instagram into an aesthetic one. So let’s get started! 

Choose The Perfect Color Scheme

You must focus on choosing a great color scheme for your Instagram feed. A color scheme that is consistent can end up doing wonders for your Instagram account. Choose a basic color scheme; for instance, you can go for neutral, whites, and blacks. If you want to choose your color s when after some time, that’s easy as well. Simply start changing the scheme after you’re done with positing about 6-12 posts with a single color. After that, you can easily skip to another color. 

Think Of A Theme 

Another thing you should focus on is to choose a theme. This is basically the 'subject matter.' See every photo someone likes on Instagram from your audience and find out what theme they like the most. This will make it quite easier for you to choose a theme for your Instagram feed. If you are into traveling, post pictures of some scenic views. Are you a foodie? Post aesthetic pictures of food. Make sure to brighten up your pictures and make your pictures appealing to the eye. Once you’re done, check likes on Instagram. They will definitely start growing with the passage of time. 

Use The Right Device 

Don't ever forget to edit your photos or videos before you consider posting them on your account. Taking some aesthetic pictures with your phone is not a hard task at all. However, you just need to keep your angles in mind—lookup up some tutorials online to find out how to click the perfect picture. However, if you want to take even better pictures, you should opt for a DSLR. It all depends on what you want to go for and the kind of picture you want to click on. Don't ever forget about choosing the right angles as they can make a simple pose look extraordinary. 

Edit Your Content

Moving on, editing your pictures is a must. Sure, you did click your pictures at the right angle; however, what can make these pictures even better is editing them. You need to choose the perfect tools to edit your pictures. There are lots and lots of apps out there that can be used to edit your pictures. However, make sure you don’t edit your pictures too much as you don’t want to make your pictures look unnatural. Moreover, set the exposure, saturation, brightness, and other stuff as well. 

Background Matters 

Here’s a small tip for you, the background of your picture matters a lot. Do you know pictures with a neat and clean background look aesthetically appealing? Well, that’s true. If you keep the background of your images clean, you will end up gaining a lot of followers in no time. Moreover, you can even check who your audience recently followed on Instagram to learn more about their preference. This way, you can work on your pictures and give them a great background. It is suggested that you go for lighter colors to give your pictures an aesthetic look. Solid colors as backgrounds should be your go-to! 

Wrapping It Up

Here were a couple of ways you can give your Instagram feed an amazing look. You can even see others activity on Instagram to get some new ideas. Make sure to keep each and everything in mind when doing so. Making your feed aesthetically appealing is not a hard task at all as long as you’re clear. Follow the above-mentioned tips and transform your feed into a great one. This way, you’ll end up gaining a lot of audience in no time. 


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