Till date, doctors and scientists have not found a way to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The disease keeps progressing thereby causing great harm to the patient. The person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease finds it difficult to remember recent events and generally get confused. The person experiences mood swings and can even take extreme steps during this period. In worst cases, patients suffer from long-term memory loss and they forget their names too. Due to all these reasons, it is crucial to keep a watch on the patient 24/7. Irrespective of the efforts you put in, there can be instances when no one is around the patient. Or maybe the patient tries to elope when everyone is sleeping in the home. Whatever the case be, it is essential to make some modifications in your house and lifestyle if an Alzheimer patient is in the family.

With limited brain activity, these patients are not really aware of their actions. They sometimes attempt activities, which can cause harm to the patient in turn. Thus, one should make sure that items like knives and scissors are not easily accessible by the patient. You should also keep them away from the kitchen so that mishaps can be avoided to the maximum possible extent.

To make your home safe and secure for Alzheimer’s patients, install handles and railing in different parts of your home. For instance, bathroom is one such corner of the house where handles are a must. These handles act as a support and can prevent falls to a great extent. If you have a balcony in your house, keep the height of the railings high so that the patient cannot cross it. Also, install other best medical alarm systems here and there to ensure that the patient is not out of your sight even for a single minute.

Apart from all the safety measures mentioned above, you can buy life alert necklace for the family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. As clear from the name, the device is worn as a necklace and thus stays with the patient round the clock. The device tracks the movement of the patient if required and keeps the family members informed about his exact location. In cases of medical emergencies, the medical alert systems raise an alarm and arrange medical help at the earliest possible. It is noteworthy that medical help is arranged even if no one is at home.
All these steps together help in creating a safe environment for Alzheimer’s patients!

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