How To Make Your Ex Jealous On Social Media: How To Make Your Ex Jealous On Facebook

Going through a breakup can be the most traumatizing thing especially when the person who now is your ex and you were deeply in love with each other. One of the most causes of breakups today is infidelity. However, some other reasons can also lead to people breaking up. Such kind of reasons include violence, a nagging boyfriend/girlfriend, extreme jealousy which makes the other person uncomfortable and so many other negative reasons which may make the significant other unattractive. In this article, I will not go deep into the causes of breakups but I will be giving you tips on how to make your ex miss you on Facebook where most exes spy on each other to see how the other person is doing after the breakup.

1. Avoid Posting Messages That Show You Are Miserable

This is number one mistake most people make after a breakup. It is OK to post what you want because it is your wall but saying something like, "without you I will die or without you I am horrible" clearly tells the other person you have nothing going on in your life without them which is very unattractive. Talk about things that don't target your ex. Doing so, will at least make your ex wonder if you still think about them anymore. When they start getting worried that you are forgetting about them, they will try to find out for themselves what is going on in your life maybe even making a call to "check on you" which in this case, will be a win for you!

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2. Make Them See You Are Having Fun Without Them

The main reason why relationship don't last long nowadays is that couples stay together and do things together most of the time. This repetition causes boredom to set in. The 'missing the other person' part is not there anymore and once that part is not there, you can feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend is boring. Choosing to post a picture of you with tear filled eyes and a depressed face saying something like, "I am so bored, can't wait for this day to be over" is a clear indication you are miserable without your ex. The idea here is how to make your ex miss you on Facebook and not how to make them feel like they need to rescue you from your boredom. Keep yourself busy with activities you love. Go hiking, shopping or swimming with your friends and have some fun! Post all the photos with a big smile plastered on your face even if deep in your heart you feel like crying and see how your ex will react. You will get him/her jealous of who you are hanging out with and maybe if they still love you, this might prompt them to make a move sooner or later with the fear of losing you to someone else.

3. Look Fabulous

When was the last time you looked your best? Probably the day the two of you met! This is the time to make yourself look beautiful. Shop for new clothes and update your overall look. Look gorgeous so that when you think about posting a picture of yourself on Facebook, your ex will drool over it for hours as he/she sees how people are complementing your beauty reminding him/her what they are missing. Looking sloppy won't make anyone want you again but getting fit and looking your best is a sure way to go! This is an especially important part of learning how to make your ex miss you on Facebook.

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This is the oldest trick in the book and is being practiced in all civilizations from the advent of time. However, in the post modern world you need to adapt to changes that take place every other day. This is the day and age when information is at your fingertips and nothing can be hidden or done without the world having inkling about it. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, 3G mobile phones, iPhones and many more gadgets and applications can be used to make your ex jealous in sneaky ways. Here are 7 tips that will help you use jealousy to get your ex back.

Change your status to single

No sooner have you been dumped log on the internet and change your status on all the social networking sites to single. Also update your profile and make some interesting changes in your preferences for a ideal date. If your girlfriend was a brunette then change your preference to blonde or redhead etc. If your boyfriend was short or stout then change your preference to athletic build guys or sportsmen etc.

Gauge your ex's response

Post pictures of you and your new friends of the opposite sex on your site. However, make sure that the pictures are not very graphic but are about you having a ball with them. Do not remove the pictures which show you and your ex together.

Discard the ring or the bracelet

If you and your ex have separated amicably and meet very often then the best way to put the point across is by discarding the ring, the bracelet or pendant that your ex gifted you. Your ex is sure to notice this and will feel slighted by this act. However, do not wear a new ring or something that shows you have a new love interest in your life.

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Mingle with a dashing bunch or guys/gals

Now that you are on your own you can choose the people you want to hang out with. If the crowd you hang out with is dashing and adventurous, tales of you having a good time will travel to your ex and she/he will miss the action.

Put up an act that you are getting too close to someone else

This is a tricky tip and needs to be executed with great caution. However, you may involve a close friend, from the opposite sex, who is ready to join the conspiracy. Just give hints that you are getting serious but still have not made up your mind.

Move a few rungs up the social ladder

Make friends with influential people in the media and try and get into the page 3 circuit of your town/community. Once your ex becomes aware of your popularity he/she will also want to join the party.

Achieve something professionally or academically

This is the most difficult but the best of tips that will not only win your ex back but will also make you a better person. After the breakup, focus all your energies on achieving something professionally or academically that no one has achieved so far. This will make your ex feel good about having known you intimately for some time.

While doing all this keep sending feelers to your ex that you would like to get back together for a long and committed relationship. Chances are that your ex will come back to you.

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If I told you the way to get him or her back, when your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore, is to disappear from their life, you'd likely look at me like I was crazy. This sounds counterproductive and may even seem a bit illogical. Be that as it may, it is excellent advice, and really does work better than anything else.

When you harass your ex at all times of the day and night, is it any surprise your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore? What do they have to talk about? You call them, do all the talking, so why should they even bother? Your ex needs motivation and a reason to want to talk to you again. The best way to do this is to become unavailable to speak with your ex.

Your ex is likely shut down right now anyway, you will not get anywhere with them by trying to talk at this point. They are still angry about the break up and need some time and space to sort themselves out. Once they've begun to think clearly again, and you've given them time and space, they are much more likely to want to talk to you.

Take the time apart to focus on you. Spend your days doing anything and everything that makes you happy or feel complete. This is a positive step towards rebuilding your self-esteem after a break up. And it also leaves you so busy that you aren't even thinking about the fact that you aren't calling your ex. While it is easy to fall into a depression, and sit around the house moping in sorrow, this will not help your case.

Being out with your friends and moving on with your life will make your ex want to contact you again. He or she will see that there is a lot they are missing out on now that you aren't in their life anymore. And chances are, the break up was for some stupid reason or petty argument. Now your ex will make a point to contact you and who knows where things may lead from there.

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Obviously you are bothered by the break up - VERY bothered, and your ex knows this. However, if you could give your ex the impression that the break up does not have that bad an affect on you, it will definitely make your ex sit up and take notice and wonder what the heck is going on! In fact, if you carried on doing this for a while, there is a very good chance that your ex will become so curious as to what you are up to, that he/she makes frantic contact with you, and you get your ex back.

The thing is, the last thing your ex is expecting from you right now is that you are happy (or seem to be), going out with your friends and having a ball, and generally enjoying your life to the full. Surely you can see that this will definitely raise a certain amount of curiosity in your ex? It is this curiosity that is going to get the better of your ex and eventually make you succeed and get your ex back.

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The best way to start this process is to do all you can to help yourself to get out of the state of misery that you are in at the moment. The very best way to do this is to be with people who make you laugh and care about you, right? So, waste no time - call up your friends and get back into the social world again. Now you might not be able to see how this could get your ex back, but persevere and you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

The whole point is to make your ex believe that the break up doesn't bother you, so you need to fill each day with things that you would not do under the circumstances. In other words, it is not really normal for a person going through the trauma of a break up to be living it up with a whole bunch of friends, is it? It's also not normal to go out of your way to make yourself look fantastic either. Do these things though - it will make you feel brilliant, and will definitely make your ex take notice of you. Eventually curiosity will make your ex contact you in some way, and you will get your ex back.

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