How To Make Your Ex Feel Bad For Hurting You: How To Hurt Your Ex With Words

You love your ex. You hate your ex. You can't live without your ex. That sounds like the story of your life, doesn't it? You've gone through the break up and now you're on the other side of it wishing you could just get another chance with the person you love most in the world. All of that is mixed in with this driving need to make your ex feel badly for breaking your heart. You're torn up inside and it's completely natural to swing back and forth between feelings of deep despair and those of anger and frustration. Love isn't supposed to be easy. However, making your ex feel badly about dumping you can be super simple.

If you want to make your ex feel bad don't insult them. It's very tempting to say something disparaging about them that you know will cut like a knife. A few examples are to make a mean spirited comment about your ex's weight or to insult their job or how much money they make. If you take that route you'll not only be angering your ex but you'll be severing any chance you may have had to get back with them in the future. If you are still holding out hope that you two will be able to work out your differences and find your way back to one another, then you need to say something that will make them feel badly and at the same time pull at their heart strings.

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The thing to say to make your ex feel bad is that you're actually seeing the bright side of the break up now. You can word this anyway you choose but it's more effective if you actually present it in a sweet way. By telling your ex that you recognize why the break up was a good idea or that you're looking forward to moving forward with your life, you're essentially saying to them that you're glad you're free of the relationship. Your ex is going to have a bruised ego over this regardless of how badly they wanted the break up in the first place.

Rejection is what you need to be focused on and it's not your ex's rejection of you that should be your driving force. It's your rejection of them. By telling your ex that you understand why they dumped you and that you're grateful now that it happened, you'll actually be pulling them closer to you again while you make them feel horrible for dumping you. It's a little bit of reverse psychology that can go a long way towards impacting what your ex feels.

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How can I get back together with my ex? It's a question you may be asking yourself this very minute if you're currently going through a breakup. Perhaps you've realized your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is truly the love of your life and you don't feel like yourself without them. Whatever the case may be, breaking up is painful, frustrating, and confusing, especially when you find yourself wanting to get back together.

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Don't Panic And Have Patience

If you're wondering, "How can I get back together with my ex?", then your first step is to not panic. You must realize getting a boyfriend or girlfriend back takes time. It won't happen overnight, so don't panic if your ex doesn't seem to want to talk to you or see you right now.

If you panic, you will make all kinds of mistakes that will only push your ex further away. Panic will make you desperate and needy. Panic will cause you to constantly call and text your ex. Panic will make you say things you don't really mean. The truth is, the less you panic, the faster you will get your ex back.

Make Them Miss You

Getting back together with your ex will involve causing them to miss you. Your ex must remember the things they love about you and realize they are better off with you than without you. If you're constantly texting, calling, or going over to see them, then they can't miss you. You simply become a burden that makes them feel pressured and cornered. Therefore, they resist and avoid you.

Remember, people always want what they don't have. By cutting off contact for a while and doing your own thing while remaining confident and happy, your ex will soon feel like something is missing from their life and you will be constantly on their mind.

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Now, I'm not one to normally say that tricks are a way to get what you want, but I have found some dirty psychological tricks to win back your ex. Three tricks are not so bad, after all. I mean, it is only three little pieces of relationship advice, when you really think about it. If you have been trying to get your ex back, then you need to hear this too. Instead of trying to pull your ex back to you, just do these three things and wait for them to run back to you.

Trick #1-Live it up. Seriously. Go ahead and party like there's no end in sight. Have more fun on your own than the two of you ever did together. But here's the trick: do it in front of them. Make sure they know just how much fun you are to be around. They'll get jealous of all the fun you're having and come right back into your arms.

Trick #2- Get a makeover. Don't just get your nails done. No- I'm talking about the whole big top-to-bottom makeover-the kind that TV shows are made for. Get your hair done, not just cut but styled and colored too. Get some new clothes, the kind that you've always been too shy to wear but you know they'll show off how hot you are. Then start making yourself obvious to your ex. They'll see how gorgeous you are and forget why they ever dumped you to begin with.

Trick #3-Date the best friend. Not for a long time, but just for a few dates, go ahead and do the evil thing that you always knew was off limits. Dating the best friend will strike up a sense of envy that cannot come from anywhere else. Envy leads to lust. Lust leads right back to your arms.

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Your boyfriend dumped you - you were shocked and heartbroken - and you have tried every trick in the book to try to get him back. You've begged and pleaded, thinking, if he hears where you are coming from, or can see the hurt that they are causing you, that they will take you back. You made endless empty promises, cried and acted hysterical, and perhaps even began to show up uninvited for just one more chance to state your case. Unfortunately, these were all the WRONG things to do and your chance to get back together with your ex boyfriend have been shot.

You've made pretty much all the common, yet fatal, relationship errors that now make the option to get back together with your ex boyfriend next to impossible. Shocked to hear this? Well read on to find out what went wrong and why.

- You constantly called and texted him.

He asked for space, you called even more. When you weren't calling, you were texting him, or even worse, showing up "accidentally" at his favorite hangouts for a chance to run into him. While you had the best of intentions in mind, he needs space to get through his anger and hurt feelings before he can even think about taking you back. But yet there you always were, these foiled your chance to get back together with your ex boyfriend because it caused him to feel disrespected and smothered, and only pushed him further away.

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- You apologized for everything, EVERYTHING.

Chances are, you have apologize for everything under the sun in an effort to get your ex back. You've probably even apologized for things that your ex even knows could not possible be your fault. You make sweeping promises to change for the better, without having any idea what that would entail. All you wanted to do was get back together with your ex boyfriend, but what your really did was show him that, not only do you not understand the cause of the breakup, but you are portraying yourself as weak.

- You shut down and began to wallow.

After the breakup and your failed attempts at reconciliation, you retreated. You shut down and stopped going out with friends and have proceeded to spend your days wallowing in depression. To your ex, this shows an unhealthy level of co-dependence which probably made him thank his lucky stars he broke up with you when he did!

It is sad to say, but you made the wrong decisions at the wrong times. He wanted space and you didn't give it to him. This has increased his anger and bitterness towards you to a point where the chance for a reunion as been obliterated.

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