Due to Coronavirus lockdown, the supplies for numerous things have fallen short. Similarly, for the people who smoke vape might find it difficult to get the juice for the vape. The supplies for the juices of e-cigarette might fall short during this coronavirus lockdown period; hence you need to stock up some juices and ensure that they last during the entire time span of lockdown. 

Here are some of the effective ways to make your electronic vape juice last long…


  • Stop Using the Vapes Mods in Full Power


Mods are fun, their advanced modes proving amazing control over your e-cigarette. Also, these mods can provide massive clouds of vapour. However, they plough up too much E-cigarette juice, especially when used in high-power levels.


  • Try Using Vape Pens and Pods 


Various vape pends and pods are capable of functioning at a lower wattage, and these have better efficiency on juices as compared to other devices. Since these devices have low wattage, they are highly economical with liquid and offers great flavour. Hence, choosing a device that has low power output will be helpful for you to save your juices in the lockdown period.


  • Use a Coil with High-Resistance


If your wattage settings are low with a coil that has lower resistance (below 1.0Ω), then you will not get much vapour or throat hit. To run a low resistance coil, you need to apply more power; thus, it is better to opt for a higher resistance coil for efficient vaping as well as to keep the vape juice for long.


  • Utilise a High PG E-Liquid


If you are using low wattages with high resistance coils, then it is best to use high PG E-liquid for the vape. High VG liquids are thicker than the high PG e-liquids, so coils with higher resistance do not have the features to work properly with high VG e-liquids; instead, they function well with high PG e-liquids. This combination will help to save your vape juice for long.


  • You Can opt for Higher Nicotine Strength


Using higher nicotine strength, for the time being, will help to stretch your e-liquid. Switching to strong nicotine in the lockdown period will make lesser use of e-liquid to satisfy the same urge for nicotine.


  • Use Nicotine Salts


Nicotine salts provide a smoother throat hit. Moreover, they might help to deliver nicotine quicker. If you want the juice of the vape to last long, then using nicotine salt will be one of the most effective ways. Also, if like smoother throat hit, then using the nicotine salt will be the best option. You can get nicotine salts from a certified vape shop in Australia or online stores.

Last Verdict!

Therefore, these are some of the effective tips that you can follow for making your vape juice last longer in the coronavirus lockdown period. Also, since most of the physical vape shops are shut down during this lockdown period, you will get all these products from a certified store where you can buy electronic cigarettes online.

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The author works in a certified vape shop in Australia, and one can buy electronic cigarettes online from the author's page. Moreover, one can get the best E-cigarette juice along with other vaping products from the author’s page.