Do dreams come true? Can you turn your dreams into reality? How to make your dreams come true?

Bruce Lee was one of those individuals who loved martial arts including Kung Fu. When he was young, one of his teachers asked the students to write down their dreams and what they want to be when they grow up. Bruce Lee wrote down that he wants to be the best in Kung Fu and martial arts. When his teacher looked at what he wrote down, she told him to write something else as this dream is foolish and not realistic.

Years have passed and the dream to become the best in Kung Fu hasn’t died in him. Bruce Lee achieved his goal and became one of the best in Kung Fu if not the best.

Years afterwards, the same teacher who told Bruce Lee that his dream is foolish, told the story to the new generation. She then apologized to all the students whom she told that their dreams are foolish and are not achievable.

Let me ask you, do you let your dreams die inside of you? Do you let other people rob you from your dreams?

I stated in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals” that you should never allow people to rob you from your dreams and stop you from achieving your goals. Never forget that today’s accomplishments are yesterday’s dreams and imaginations. If you look around you at the tall buildings, yachts, airplanes, cell phones, television, radio, these were all people’s dreams at one time.

To learn how to make your dreams come true, follow the quick guide below:

1. Stop waiting

Learn to not be afraid from moving forward and don’t wait until an opportunity comes to you to. Know while you are waiting you are missing many opportunities. Some people unfortunately keep waiting for the right opportunity. If you keep waiting, you will not achieve anything, you will be just be looking at successful people achieve great results and you stay standing. Stop waiting and move forward before your dream dies.

2. Take a step forward

If your goal is to become a professional singer, for example, start by taking a small step. Start singing in school activities, clubs, and then you can move forward. As you sing and gain more experience, an agent will discover your talent and you will become a professional singer.

3. Take advantage of the current inventions

You live in an era that makes it easy for you to get information to help you accomplish your goals. Know your purpose and start taking action to achieve your goals. Use the information that you can get to help you succeed. Using the internet, for example, you can gain a lot of knowledge to turn your dreams to reality by doing research.

4. Face Challenges

Facing challenges is an attribute that successful people have. If you don’t have the courage to face the challenges and the obstacles that you encounter in life, you will live your life without accomplishing your goals and your dreams might never manifest.

5. Think success

The successful individuals don’t allow anything stand in their way of achieving their dreams. They look at the challenges as opportunities to benefit from to improve their plans, which will help them, solve the problems that they encounter.

6. Persist

Don’t despair when you face an obstacle. There are times where things don’t go as you wish or plan. Make an effort and persevere until you achieve your dreams and goals, so you don’t let your dreams die inside of you without accomplishing them.

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Dia Thabet

Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manage to plan and reach their goals? The main goal for is to help you become from the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal they desire in all areas of life. ”The ultimate guide to achieve your goals” was released to help you achieve everything your heart desires