Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. It is also traditionally the peak of consumption as people buy gifts for their loved ones, go all out on décor and also work hard on cooking delicious food that will impress your guests. The high-level of consumption is not good for the environment and if you want to preserve the environment and have a festive Christmas then you should plan a green Christmas.

A green Christmas is not going to dim the festivities and joy of the occasion in any way. Here are a few tips that will allow you to have a great and eco-friendly Christmas.

Sourcing a sustainable tree:

Christmas trees are an essential part of the festivities but cutting too many trees can have an impact on the environment. Trees are the lungs of the environment and if you cut too many then you will be damaging the eco-system. If you want to do your part in preserving the environment then you need to shop for the tree smartly.

If you are looking to buy a real tree then make sure that you choose the one that has FSC certification. It confirms that the tree is sustainably sourced. After Christmas is over you should make sure that the tree is properly disposed of. You should hire a waste management company and it can help you in getting rid of the tree properly. The companies take the tree and turn into something new and useful. The recycling schemes reduce the negative impact on the environment.

If you prefer artificial trees then choose a second hand from an online store as it will reduce the impact on the atmosphere. But if you want to buy a brand new one then get a good one that will last a few years.

Choose quality and sustainable decorations:

Christmas is not complete without traditional decorations. To have a green Christmas you should invest in decorations that are made up of glass, wood, fabric, and other alternative PVC option and plastic. Such décor items will last a lifetime and stay new and fresh for years. It is better to prefer classic pieces because the trend pieces are not long-lasting and people often get tired of trendy pieces and throw them away by next year.

Eco-friendly and fair trade gifts:

People often go overboard while buying presents during the Christmas season and everything you purchase has an impact on the environment. To do a favor to the ecosystem you should try to make a conscious effort and prefer gifts that are manufactured ethically. You should consider suggesting secret Santa to friends and family and it will give an opportunity to invest more effort and money on one gift instead of scrambling to buy something for everyone.

Smart gift wrapping:

After buying an eco-friendly gift you should also look for sustainable gift wrap. Instead of buying new gift wrapping paper you should use old boxes, gift bags, ribbon, etc. from last Christmas. Use brown paper or do it with a fabric.

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George Warren is a Labour Manager at He is also an architect, designer, engineer and artist. He has Associate Degree Of Environmental Sciences from Study Portals Institute. He lives in CWMGWRACH with his wife and two kids.