One of the most challenging tasks that a lead generation team needs to solve is how to make business prospects sign up or do business with you in the end. This is especially true if you are meeting them for the first time. This is something that you need to deal with as part of generating B2B leads. While it may prove to be daunting for a considerable number of marketers, you can still succeed in this type of work. What you need to do is to follow a few tips to ensure that customers will say yes more. So, where do you start your work on sales leads?

1. Be a likeable person – one of the main reason why sales prospects say yes to a marketer is based on likeability. For example, in an appointment setting campaign, prospects are more willing to have a meeting with you if they see you as an agreeable person. This will make sealing the deal easier to make.

2. Be an authority – another way to generate a positive impression of you from your prospects is by showing them that you know what you are talking about. Sure, you can also do that by putting up some fancy title on your position, but if you want to lend some credibility, then you really have to know your job. This is the secret to successfully attracting the attention of sales leads.

3. Let them owe you a favor – this is more along the lines of give and take. Prospects are more obliged to say yes when they have received something beneficial from you. A good example would be a few days ago, when my sister was buying a new luggage bag. As she was still indecisive, the salesperson advised her to think it over for a few days. He even told her other stores where she might get a better bargain and explained to her what features she should be looking for. This extra touch of customer service compelled my sister to buy from him.

4. Appeal to self-image – when business prospects sign up with your company, it is basically anchored on their understanding of self. How they want others to see them will determine whether they will buy from you or not. Identify that quality, and it will be easier for you to get a better deal.

5. Get endorsements – getting prospects referred to you by your current customers is a sign of excellent performance. Business prospects are more responsive to companies that their peers are also using as well.

6. Make your offer scare – why do you think ‘limited time offers’ work? It is because you compel your prospects to buy immediately. You can use this technique by saying every day the prospects delay is a day of profits lost.

What makes your campaign even more effective is your choice of communication medium. If you want to maximize your chances, you should be using telemarketing. It is one that has been proven to produce good results.

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