Spotify as a platform is a huge boon for all the music lovers. Singers, songwriters, music composers, audiophiles are grateful for spotify.

Music across all genres, all languages, from all the onbeat and offbeat places in the world- you have them on one and only spotify.

Many independent artists have also started putting out content on Spotify. If you are backed by any label you don't have to worry much because everything from marketing to distribution is taken care of by the label. But not all artists want to walk this path. Even if you are an independent artist, Spotify will welcome you with the same warmth. you need to attract listeners to your Spotify account to make it big.

Make it your era with Spotify

Everything you got an artist is now in the album. The only thing it requires is the word to be spread so that people know what is coming up.

Marketing requires money. If you have got it, it's good.

● Give the contract to a marketing agency. The burden will be taken off your shoulders. What you need will be delivered to you. While choosing the marketing agency, do make sure to go through their past projects so you know is your money worth their time and will they do justice to your work.

Marketing requires money. If you haven't got it, it's good.

● Now you have the onus to make yourself a big hit. Calm yourself down and hone the fire. Networks can work well for you. Ask your friends to put on their Instagram stories about your upcoming album. A 30 second clip from your album can be put out as a teaser to create excitement amongst the audience.

● Send your past work and a sneak peek into this album to the successful artists. If they find it fresh and they believe in your work, for sure they will help you promote this album because what an artist wants is to take its community as far as possible.

● After the release of the album, you can go on a tour with that song. Live shows help in spreading the word people will discover you as an artist and so your newly released work and even your past projects will get recognition.

Few important tips that you as a new artist in the market can use are -

● To have a lively Instagram account and YouTube account. Release your past work on these social media platforms. Make them fall for your work. Go live regularly to engage with your audience. A loyal fan base has always been diverted to your Spotify account.

● Buying Spotify plays. When you buy Spotify plays, it helps attract newer audiophiles as they can't miss out on the latest album that already has a decent amount of plays. FOMO amongst them can give a little boost to your album on Spotify.

When your artistic intelligence meets recognition that is when your album grows big on Spotify.

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