At the end of every week, after your kids spending five days at school or daycare, and you and your partner spending your usual 9-5 job or housekeeping schedule, are you looking for some ways to just break off from your routine and try to do something fun with your family?

With so many things that can be done and so many places to go to, “something fun” could mean differently for every family. Whether your family prefers the indoors or the outdoors, there are a variety of ways to spend quality time together and make your weekends less boring.

If you would want to spend time outdoors...

1. Go on a Picnic and/or Camping

Either in your own lawn or in a nearby park, going on a picnic or camping is a great way to just change your scenery for once. Get your kids to help you start preparing your picnic basket from home with food that they like and does not easily spoil, like sandwiches, finger foods (maybe some fried chicken wings), and some fruit juice, fizzy drinks and water (to be put in a cooler with a lot of ice.

As soon as you arrive to the place, everyone can help out in setting up your picnic or camp site. In the case of camping, the parents can take this opportunity to teach your kids how to set up a tent. You can then use a material called tarpaulin (or tarps, for short) as a tent cover (if it gets too hot, or if it suddenly rains), or as a sheet to cover the grassy area you are in, where you can lay all of the nice food you all have prepared, and where all of you can sit down and eat while enjoying the cool breeze and lush scenery around you. If you are doing a campfire though, be careful not to set it up very near your tent or your tarps.

If the weather outside unfortunately does not cooperate, and if you do have some adequate space, you can also do picnic or camping indoors. Get your partner and your kids to help you set up your tent (or a pillow fort, which they are probably good at), and you can still use tarps as a versatile sheet on the floor, or your trusty blankets if it gets too uncomfortable.

Before leaving the site, give everyone a plastic bag and get your kids to play a game by collecting as much trash as they could in a time limit. Not only that they would have fun, but also they have helped cut your cleanup time in half.

2. Go Swimming

Whether you have your own swimming pool in your home, or there’s a public swimming pool or a nice resort, (or better yet, a beach) nearby, swimming is a great way to cool down from the heat, and this is an activity that is sure to make the kids more excited plus it's very healthy.

Parents can prepare the food at home before leaving the house (like marinating chicken or pork meat, and then cook at the poolside or at the beachside barbecue), while kids can prepare their own swimming stuff (beach balls, goggles, water guns, inflatables) that they want to bring.

If at the beach, you can use tarps as a sheet to cover the sand so you have one nice spot where you can put down your things, and/or where you can just lie down, get a tan, and enjoy the calming waves. But before everything else, make sure everyone wears sunscreen, and do not leave your kids unattended.

3. Go Biking, Rollerblading, or Play any Kind of Outdoor Sport

Gear up and get everyone moving by going out and doing physical things like sports. not only gets you to burn calories, but also makes you know your family better. Participating in physical activities that your kids love will help you as parents to assess your kids’ physical strength, how they react to competition, and how they treat other players.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, to use safety gear (helmets, elbow pads and knee pads) in case of biking or rollerblading, and to wear proper sports gear (like running shoes, comfortable and breathable clothes) so all of you can move around easily and will be less prone to injury.

4. Go on a Road Trip and Tour a City

Before the weekend, the parents and kids can gather in front of a computer and get searching to find an interesting place where you can to go that is maybe only an hour or a two-hour drive from your home.

On the day of your trip, leave early from your house to anticipate traffic jam, and just enjoy the drive. While on the road, the parents can start a game with the kids like I-Spy, or name that thing. Or maybe you can just leave them asleep (if they already are) so they have enough energy to tour around the place you’re going.

Upon arrival at your destination, get into your comfortable walking or running shoes and make sure that everyone is wearing nice but comfortable clothes. Walk around to explore the place (make sure that you have map with you and the places you’re going are safe and family-friendly), take quirky pictures and eat local food.

Make sure that your car is in good condition before the day of your trip.

Or on the other hand, if your family prefers to just spend the weekend indoors...

5. Spend Time in the Kitchen

Get your kids to tell you what kind of food they want to prepare with you: is it baking sweets, like a cake or cookies? Or is it cooking a savory dish like pasta? Whatever it is, buy the ingredients beforehand and over the weekend, get your kids into aprons and give them tasks that are called out by the recipe. Your kids will not only learn how to cook but will also get the satisfaction of eating the fruits of their labor.

Do not forget to exercise guidance and safety precaution when handling sharp, heavy, moving, or hot objects.

6. Teach your kids something that you know

Do you play an instrument? Or perhaps, paint? Or do you love doing crafts? Why don’t you share your talents with your kids? Get your materials and spend your weekends teaching your kids something that they themselves could get into as a hobby (or as a passion) in the future.

Still not Sure What to Do?

Sometimes, the best thing is to ask your family if there’s something that they want to try. Assess your interests, finances, create a schedule, and plan things out so nothing will go haywire in case you decide to do something new. Or maybe you can just forego planning and just do something very spontaneously. At the end of it all, what is important is you have spent quality time with your family, you have gotten to know them better, and in the end, everyone is just relaxed, so everyone can take on another working week ahead.

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