One of the best exercises to help anyone lose weight is simply walking. This may come as a surprise to many people who spend hours in the gym, or feel guilty about not getting into the swimming pool recently. But it is a proven medical fact that walking can be a massive boost to anyone's weight loss regime.

And whilst walking is often far more enjoyable than throwing some heavy weights around in a gym it can still be a little, well, boring! Better then to find a way of making walking for weight loss more enjoyable. Because the more enjoyable the exercise is the more likely we are to stick at it – so the more weight we can lose and the fitter we can get.

How then does one go about making walking a more enjoyable exercise? Well there are a number of tricks actually... try a few out for yourself.

How to Make Walking for Weight Loss More Enjoyable

There are a number of tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that you enjoy walking as much as possible. Some of the most popular include

• Music. Almost all of us love music – so use an MP3 player to put a list of your favourite songs on it and listen to them as you stroll.

• Story books/learning etc. Similarly you can get MP3's of story books, or language learning lessons etc. these can be a great use of your time as you walk along.

• Go window shopping. Walking happens when you are shopping too – so a brisk window shopping session (no stopping to try things on etc) can burn through the calories quickly and easily!

• Take a friend. Having a mate along with you gives you someone to talk to and someone to encourage you to keep going (and to go again). This can help the time fly and provide motivation.

• Walk somewhere different. Fed up of the same old walks? Then get out and try find somewhere different and interesting. A new park, out in the country side, down the beach – new locations help to stimulate our brains as well as our muscles.

• Take a pet (preferably yours not one you just found). Dogs especially love being walked – and their energy and enthusiasm will often rub off on you – and throwing sticks is just extra exercise, (try alternating throwing arms to do both equally)!

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