Ideally, an entrepreneur should answer all the calls he receives on his business number. But is this really possible – practically? Even if you work for 18 or 20 hours a day, you need time to grab a snack. You can also be busy in meetings and just could not entertain a call at that time. But missed calls can be disastrous for a business. A toll free voicemail service is just perfect for times like this. Using voicemail, an entrepreneur can stay connected to his customers and prospects 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So it is most pertinent that an entrepreneur should make every possible effort to make their voicemail system most effective. There are a few tricks that an entrepreneur can follow for setting up a system for effective voicemail. Following are a few of them:

Identify Yourself and Also Your Company

Though this might sound obvious, there are quite a few cases where people forget to identify themselves and also their businesses and just start speaking right away while recording the greeting for their voicemail. This can confuse the caller because they are not sure if they have reached the voicemail box of the right person or not. Make sure that you have identified yourself and the business at the very outset.

Update Your Voicemail Message Regularly

In most toll free voicemail service, entrepreneurs simple identify themselves, the business and a statement that they are not at their desk or are unable to answer calls right now. This is quite obvious. The callers are aware of this and this is why they are directed to the voicemail box. You need not remind them again. Instead, try to make your message more interesting and catchy. You can include greetings relevant to a particular season, occasion or festival to make your message more interesting.

Smile While You Record the Message

Though it might seem to be unimportant, in practice this is one of the most important components for a good toll free voicemail greeting. When you smile it gets reflected in your voice and is easily transmitted right through the voicemail box to the callers. It makes a caller feel important. This actually encourages a caller to leave a message in the voicemail box because they feel assured to expect a reply of their voice mail.

Your Message Should Be Clear

While recording the greeting for your free toll free voicemail make sure to speak clearly. Do not mumble while recording the message. Also remember to speak slowly. Make sure that the recording does not have any background noise. Choose a quiet place for recording messages on voicemail box. Unclear messages are useless. Rather, it is better that you do not have a greeting at all. Unclear greetings can also make a business look unprofessional.

Write and Practice

Good old school habits. Write down the entire message that you are about to record and practice it out aloud. This will help an entrepreneur to identify if something sounds awkward or out of place. He can also identify if he has missed anything.
Though these are not all and there may be many more useful tips for voicemail recording, nevertheless, an entrepreneur can always start with these tips.

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Sara James is a Marketing Specialist at iTeleCenter, a company that provides toll free numbers, local numbers, 800 numbers and vanity numbers in conjunction with virtual phone system to their clients. Services include toll free voicemail, call forwarding, send fax online and more.