Do you know how to make the worst decision? If not, how can you avoid that? We do not try to make a wrong decision. We make it naturally. After a wrong decision, we are all alone with the words wandering in our mind.
• What if…
• If only…
• I wish…

Are you familiar with these? If so, you are lucky. That means you have an idea about how to make a wrong decision. Will you make such decisions again? If you discover why you failed, you will be able to make better decisions in the future.

Thirteen Advices to Make Wrong Decisions

We cannot avoid from the things that we do not know. It is better to have an idea about the sources of making the worst decision. If you miss the advice, you cannot make the worst decision and unfortunately, you have to be satisfied with a wrong one.

Advice 1. Never decide what you want. Just let the wind takes you where it goes. This way you will not spend your precious time and energy to make a sail against the wind.

Advice 2. Do not set goals and never visualize anything successful about your life. If you have dreams, forget about them. If you have dreams, goals and you visualize about them, you will decrease your chance of making wrong decisions.

Advice 3. Take the responsibility of everyone and everything in your life. You can solve every problem whether it is yours or others' problems. You are a Super Hero.

Advice 4. Try to solve every problem at the same time. Overload yourself and never take a break. Force yourself to focus. Wrong decisions are the products of overloaded minds under pressure.

Advice 5. Worry about everything and never let your worries and guilt leave your mind. You have to consider them every time you face with problems. Worry and guilt will blur your mind and help you make a wrong decision.

Advice 6. Do not be confident. Who are you after all? You are only a little dot on earth. If you have self-confidence, you cannot make a wrong decision and you will try to achieve success.

Advice 7. Always let your mind wander. Your mind is a miracle and if you can leave it alone, it will help you create the worst scenarios you could expect. Expect the worst so you will get it.

Advice 8. Act like a looser. Focus on your mistakes and do not forget that if you have made a mistake, you will make it again. You have no control over your decisions. Your mistakes and weaknesses are the key for wrong decisions. Hold onto them and beg for help. You are nothing without help.

Advice 9. Find the least important piece of the problem and focus on that. Do not try to see the big picture. Every little piece should be solved in order. If you can see the big picture, you will change wrong decisions with better ones. How can you make the worst decision if you do so?

Advice 10. Take advice from everyone. No matter who they are, what their experiences are or if they are successful, just take their advice and create more labyrinths for yourself. This way you will guarantee to lose your way and make a wrong decision.

Advice 11. Choose your social environment wisely. How can you make a wrong decision when you are with successful people? Eventually, you will start to follow their actions and decisions.

Advice 12. Always remember the time you most felt weak. Lock your mind in these memories. This cannot be broken unless you prove yourself how strong you can be. Keep in mind; if you feel strong, you will discover that everything you can imagine is possible. Can you make the worst decision when you feel strong?

Advice 13. This is the most important one. Do not feel happy and avoid everything you enjoy. If you feel happy or satisfied with anything you have, this means the source of success infected you. When you feel happy, you will see some possibilities around you and that will bring success. Close your eyes to every possibility and do not work on them.

Do you have any other advices that helped you to make a wrong decision?

I started with Advice 1 and it was unbelievable to watch, how each advice triggered the others. I was so successful at making the worst decision at the end.

I do not remember how, but finally I found myself searching for something that can convince me to believe that I can change everything with mind power. I am not easy to convince so I started to read scientific studies. I learned more than I imagine and I started a new age in my life.

You can make the best decisions if you know how to make the worst ones.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is an investigator about how to improve success in life, based on scientific studies from Worldwide universities.

Her articles focus on two basic points;

  • Why you fail?
  • How you can succeed?

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