The main difference between photography and photobooth clicks lies in the mood. While people try to be a bit posy, elegant and proper while standing in front of the DSLR of the photographers, the photobooth photos bring out the funny side of the people. That's why photo booths have gradually become the ‘must' inclusion in any party.

But, when you are planning to make an Insta story with the photos clicked in the photobooths, you have to be at your best. ‘The best' here does not only suggest a fantastic outfit; instead, but it also refers to the best pose you can strike. So, you need to think outside the box for making it work. Here are some great ideas you can bank on.

  • Don’t Wait for the Others

Well, you might not feel that comfortable in getting clicked along with others. There is not really any problem with that until you are satisfied with yourself. Go solo for a photobooth experience. There will be no one around to judge your poses or tell you to adjust and coordinate with others. You can be yourself inside, and the photobooths will undoubtedly catch your spark.

  • Choose the Backdrop Wisely

You may not feel like paying much attention to the photobooth backdrop, which you should have done much before. Understand your light inside the photo booth first so that the photos do not appear to be too flashy in any way.

On the other hand, it is never a good idea to go for printed backdrops. With the printed backdrops, there will be a lot of distraction that might invade the frame. So, choose a simple yet classy backdrop to make sure the photos taken in the photo booth appear to be awesome.

  • Reveal Your Funky Side with the use of Props

There will be too many props lying around you in the birthday photo booth for hire ready to be used in the photos that will be clicked. Why don't you be a bit creative with the props you are using? Use the props in a unique way that will catch the attention. And, there is no better time than this to bring out your fun side in front of the onlookers. So, feel free to use the props as per your wish.

  • Smile Bright and Tight

The secret for the best photo every time is, of course, posing with a happy and bright smile on the face. Also, it is essential that you strike a pose without keeping any inhibition. Just be candid, as much as you can. The candid expression and the bright smile you hold for a few moments are enough for capturing the best moment.

Final Words

Wish your photobooth story turns out to be just the way you wanted it to be. Then, follow these mandatory ‘rules' and make your photos tell the rest of the story. And, if you are the host, you should get connected with the best photo booth rental company after comparing the cheap photo booth hire prices out there that will leave you loaded with props and interesting backdrops to spruce up the fun even more.

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