How To Make the Best Red Chilli Recipe

Have you ever been to a party
Have you ever been to a party at chimac where the host uses the traditional chilli recipe and makes it into a gloppy, tasty, hot mess? It's not the first time I've witnessed this happening. There are And in this case we have something that's absolutely amazing --traditional recipes being adapted and remade to suit the palate. And by the power of the blender!

The mere mention of the word'chilli' conjures up visions of garlic on the chimac menu, chillies and peppers all in one go. However, chillies can be made from a variety of different ingredients and come in many different varieties too. These include the classic chilli, which is actually the cumin seeds with green chillies and coriander leaves mixed in to make the desired heat. You can then take the same basic recipe, just with the spice variation, and make it into something so much more --spicy, sweet or even sour, depending on your choice of spices.

When looking through various online recipe sites and cook books, you will see numerous versions of how to make the best red chilli recipe. Some use thick basmati, some mild. Some use coconut oil and some olive oil. All are guaranteed to be mouth- watering and hot!

The traditional recipe

The traditional recipe makes use of a pressure cooker (or maybe an electrical cooker, but they work pretty well). Let the pressure cooker do its thing! Once the ingredients are mixed and sealed (carefully, so as not to burn yourself), place the chilies inside and set the timer for around 10 minutes. Once that time is up, turn the heat up to medium high, but make sure not to burn yourself! When the timer rings, carefully open the valve and fluff up the mixture, taking care to seal the bottle properly.

Now, we all know that the actual taste of the dish is paramount, but once you have tried it, you will realise how good it is. The heat will make the flavours explode in your mouth. If you haven't eaten red chilli before, it is a great idea to sample different types. Experiment with different ingredients, different chilli varieties and make sure you get creative. With some practice and a bit of trial and error, you will end up with a truly unique and tasty red chilli recipe.

If, however, you are looking for a really authentic recipe, then you will want to start by checking out websites where red chillis are often listed. A quick browse will reveal dozens if not hundreds of recipes that you can choose from. Some recipes call for chilli powder to be mixed with liquid, while others suggest a specific brand of chilli powder or even says that salt is not necessary. Once you have some ideas about what you prefer, you can experiment with different brands, techniques and ingredients to come up with your own special red chilli recipe.

buy your ingredients

Another option is to buy your ingredients, and creating your own red chilli recipe will allow you to create something truly unique. Many restaurants offer special recipes which are a part of their 'acha', but this is not always the case when you are making your own spice blends. Of course, buying the ingredients will allow you to create something very similar to what is offered at the restaurant. It also allows you to experience all of the flavour and aroma of red chillis without having to make the trek to the city and paying for them. In addition to being more budget friendly, you will also know exactly the kind of chill you are purchasing and be able to use it in recipes that you enjoy.

If you decide to make your own red chilli recipe, there are some ingredients you will definitely need. For starters, there should be dried chillies in order to make your own red chilli powder. Red chilli powder is generally thicker than regular chilli powder, so It will be more concentrated. Some people use green chilli powder instead, but this is usually reserved for soups, stews and sauces. Some people have enjoyed using cumin in their recipes, but it has a pungent taste that some people do not like. has been said that cumin can cause stomach upset in some people, so it may be best to avoid it if you are experiencing health issues or if you are pregnant.

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