Going to court for a criminal charge for the first time can be scary. You are assigned a date and a time to show up to court. There is going to be a meeting, but do not worry, your lawyer will be there. You want this meeting to go well, so you need to do a few things to prepare for it. You have a lot at stake, and you cannot screw this up. You have to nail this the first time around. The following are a few ideas you should consider if you want to make a good impression.

Bail Bonds

You might be meeting in court to arrange for bail from a company like Absolute Bail Bonds to be set in your case. The bail bonds system is not really a mystery. Someone is putting up money to allow you to be able to stay out of jail until your next court date. So, you must be on your best behavior in order to be considered for bail. Else, your petition for bail may be disputed or flatly denied.

Clean Up First

When appearing in court, you want to be well-groomed. This means you must have taken a shower, brushed the tangles out of your hair, appear clean shaven and dressed appropriately. If you come in all greasy, poorly dressed and smelling of alcohol, you are not going to make a good impression. Coming clean and appropriately dressed might win you some points with the judge. Above all, you want to be taken seriously. Show the judge and witnesses that you really are penitent and not just indifferent about the entire process. A little respect goes a long way.

Set Your Intention

If you walk into court with the right intention in mind, then you can potentially put others at ease. You can also relax your own nervousness. Just make sure others see your intentions as honorable, and do not come off lacking authenticity.

A Show of Competence

Not only are you going to be on time, but you will be ready to present every document and piece of evidence asked of you. You are organized, and know your material well. You are also well-spoken which makes others think you are not only competent, but on top of things.


You want showing up to court to be like a walk in the park. By preparing in advance, you can come off impressing everyone in the room. This is generally a sign that things will likely go good for your case. So, show up on time, clean and dress well and let everyone know you are organized and prepared to handle anything that comes your way. You will be surprised how people will positively react when they see you work the room with your charm.

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