Are you tired of looking at your new bedsheets losing their color after a couple of washes?

Do you usually see unremoved stains and irregular tears on your bedsheets?

Well, there can be a couple of reasons behind it:

  • One, you might have gotten your bed sheet in not ‘that’ good quality and may be that is why it is not able to bear the regular wear and tear.
  • Two, you might not be following the right steps towards proper cleaning of your new bed sheets.

And if your situation matches scenario two, trust me, this article is going to be of great help to you.

You will learn about the correct washing methods so that you do not face the same problems with your bedsheet next time.

Here we go!

  • Read the Care Instructions Carefully: So, as soon as you buy a bed sheets online or offline, the first thing you need to do is check the care instructions mentioned on that. does the manufacturer compulsorily says to wash the bedsheet in warm water, is it expected to leave color on first wash etc. Read all details carefully because they are going to form the base for all the careful steps that you take towards increasing the life of your new bedsheet.
  • Wash Your Towels and Heavy Clothes Separately: If you want your sheets to get cleaned properly, you need to give them enough room to circulate inside your washing machine. Make sure that you wash your towels and your heavy clothing pieces like woolen clothes separate from your bedsheets. If possible, try to wash your bedsheets alone in one go. Do not add anything over these in your washing machine. But in case you are running short of time and you have to wash stuff together, please avoid adding your towels at least.
  • Try to Treat Stain Before Washing: Another important thing to consider is that you must try to treat your stains before you wash your bedsheets. This will give the stains double treatment and the chances of them getting totally removed will increase. Generally, detergents are not b enough to take off all the stains. Hence, using a mix of baking soda and water on the stains before throwing the sheet for wash can be highly beneficial.
  • Wash Them Weekly: If you are not following a washing schedule yet, you need to develop one for yourself. Having a schedule is so important to make sure that your cotton bed sheets do not accumulate dust that leads to generation of bacteria. Thus, try to wash your bed sheets weekly. This will leave you with clean and fresh bed sheets for use again.
  • Store Them Nicely: One of the best methods of storing your clean and washed bedsheets is folding them together, keeping the pillow cases inside them and then keeping them in a designated storage corner. This might be inside your closet or the side drawer of your bed. Having a clean designated place for storing your bed sheets is important because you do not want them to get mixed with other items of yours and increase your work while you rush to find every little thing inside your closet, in case your bed sheet unfolds.


So, next time when you plan to give your favorite bed sheets a bath, make sure that you have all of these tips in your mind. This will save you from all the hassle that you might be going through now because of dirty or torn bedsheets.

All the best!

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